Anime On The Clock – Episode 7

On this week’s Anime On the Clock, kevo and Akira argue about Mashiro vs. Nanami, Key, sequels, and more.

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02:46 Five Good Minutes — The Fall of Key
08:44 Miyakawa Family’s Hunger
08:26 Hosada Mamoru Recognized as Influential Person of the Year
13:43 Win/Pass/Fail
Steve Jobs manga
Toho to form animation studio
Final season of Hidamari Sketch
“Tit bags”
18:45 Nanami vs. Mashiro
19:05 Old vs. New
25:59 Omake
“What color are your panties?”
Happy birthday Yukari Tamura
OreImo Season 2 already licensed
Kyoto Museum funds Tamako Market
Vividred/Strike Witches/Garupan mega-poll

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