Where’d the budget go? – Vividred 09

Every series has its ups and downs. Lest we lose the impact of the climax, not every episode can max out on excitement. In a lot of ways, the ninth episode is just like that. And as the tension declines, so does the budget. Where can I buy the Blu-rays!?

vividred 9 shinomiya himawari

I bet they put the Blu-ray message on this derp face on purpose (27th of March for v1 btw). Sly marketeers.

This more relaxed episode focuses on Himawari and Wakaba. Last week I mentioned my rather low expectations over this episode and I have to take my words back just a little bit. Yes, I still prefer Green with Pink, but Green with Yellow manages to please me for a little bit. Especially the part where Himawari acts all spoiled by making Wakaba play the servant role. It’s quite… exquisite. And they’re going to continue that for an entire year? Bloody noses.

I get that they portray Himawari to be the hikki beauty, but frankly any of the Vivid girls could pass up for model (they are main characters after all). I wouldn’t mind seeing Wakaba in some of those nice angles. Can you tell she’s my favourite character? Ahem…

vividred 9 himawari wearing glasses

Ahem… nice angle.

I really like that the sporty physical Wakaba is still very fashion oriented and likes cute things. She doesn’t fall into the usual trappings of the sports girl and still stays very girly. On the other side, Himawari disregards all of that. Hikki otaku for lyfe. Actually, wouldn’t a normal girl be more jealous? It’s also very nice that the drama portions of this episode were kept to a necessary minimum. Just enough to pace the episode, not enough to ruin it.

A not so nice thing throughout this episode were, well, frames like in the picture below. The budget has to come from somewhere and where one frame thrives others suffer.

vividred 9 I have no way of describing this

If you’re going to pick an episode to skimp on, I guess it’s this one. I’m sad it had to happen on an episode that finally features Wakaba heavily, but it’s all for a reason. With only three episodes left, Vividred is finally gearing towards its finale. The preview for the next episode shows that it’s finally time for Akane to “befriend” Kuroki. By taking baths together. Obviously.

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