Anime Talk Episode 39

girl in scarf with headphones

Joe and Aero and back, despite technology taking its best shot at them this week. They take a glance at news highlights, talk about a special Oscar winner, look at some ridiculous polls, and we’re giving letter grades to some airing shows. We also announced a NEW LIVE SHOW! And don’t forget about our contest announcement! Come check it out! 

You can download the show, podcast it, or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy!

Download Anime Talk Episode 38

0:00 Welcome
0:35 Quick Hit News
Otakon Going West
Madoka Third Film in Summer?
Josip on Deck for AX?
“Paperman” Wins Oscar for Best Short Animated Film
13:00 Biglobe: Most Moving Anisongs
15:25 Blu-ray Sales
18:20 Biglobe Poll on Winter 2013
21:50 (Progress) Report Card
33:02 Final Thoughts
38:52 Contest Announcement
43:00 Closeout

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