Anime On The Clock – Episode 5

Welcome to another exciting episode of Anime On the Clock! This week, we talk about realism in mahjong anime, Akira gets excited over a Miku collaboration, and kevo forever perpetuates the slice-of-life debate. Come have a listen!

Download On The Clock Episode 5

00:35 Five Good Minutes — The disappearance of pathos
06:13 Is Saki the most unreasonable mahjong anime?
08:33 2nd Season of OreImo will cover all remaining light novels
10:48 Win/Pass/Fail
Psycho-pass in high gear
Hanasaku Iroha movie announced
Vividred Operation
ZEDD announces collaboration with Hatsune Miku
15:41 Why are there no parents in anime?
19:05 Keys to slice of life
22:33 The Big Finish
2nd season of Nyaruko-san
Valentines Day Girls and Panzer cholocates!
…and Heartcatch Precure jewelry
Crossplay snowboarding

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