Lock ‘n load – Vividred Episode 05

Kuroki Rei hugging a bird

As a side note, today I heard about the passing of Donald Byrd, author of the Black Byrd album. May his soul rest in peace.

With most of the power rangers assembled, all eyes are now focused on our antagonist, Kuroki Rei.   In this fifth episode, we get to see her story. Why she fights. We get to see a bit of the organization or organism that instructs her. And we get to see the contrast she makes with our protagonist. Add in a few butt shots and we have ourselves another great Vividred Operation episode.

Although this episode focuses a lot on Kuroki Rei’s background and fills in a lot of details (and leaves out… lack of time?), what stood out to me is how it’s contrasted with Akane’s life. The way Rei deals with the death of her world, the way Akane deals with the death of her father and hospitalization of her mother. Of course, there’s no way Rei can get out of her ordeal by now, but we’re already presented with her doubts, and thus are supposed to sympathize with her.

Personally I’m having a hard time doing that.

This episode (and to some extent the previous) abstracts things out. Perhaps it’s because I’m fortunate enough never to have lost someone dear to me, but representing Rei’s parents as vague shadows behind ominous hellfire is not how you get to me. Another time issue. I think it’s a shame this show has to suffer under time pressure like that.

Enough about time issues, here’s an issue entirely self-inflicted. When Vividred started airing, or hell, when the trailer showed up I said to myself not to post screenshots of butt shots. As nice (er…) as they are, they distract too much. For this shot I’m making an exception.

Kuroki Rei stowing a gun in her pants

Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

I had to pause for a second. Or three. I couldn’t stop laughing. How far is the production team willing to take this? I have big expectations for the final episode.

The preview for the next episode shows content coming from the chest area rather than the hips. Obligatory beach episode? It wouldn’t be fanservice without a beach episode!


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