Sword Fights and Past Lives-OreShura Episode 4 and 5

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugira 04 Kendo Chop

[OreShura Episode 3]

With so much going on in OreSura, we decided to lump it all together in to one super spectacular group post. With sword fights and past lives flaring up, how is our her faring?

Azerizaz avatar thumbnailAzeriraz: Oh OreShura, why do you do this? Why all the drama? Just Why? Maybe it’s the Chihuaha-chan story being very boring and unmoving, but the last two episodes of OreShura could be an argument to drop the series.  She’s still doesn’t register with me.  Let’s hope the new girl dark hair girl will bring some spice to OreShura.  I certainly liked the ending, so the next episode could be an improvement.

Crazydave avatar thumbnail

CrazyDave: After what were at least decent first 2 eps, these last 2 really haven’t done anything for me. The drama is forced and uninteresting and the comedy just isn’t there.  I’m pretty sure I can say I enjoy watching the opening theme with its teased yuri, more than I enjoy the actual show.

Sabas avatar thumbnailSabas: After Chuu2koi, the chunnibyou antics of Eita-kun feel so forced and lame. I’m getting increasingly irritated at the drama because it’s so forced. I’m not sure why people dislike Chihuaha-chan at this point. Maybe she should just join the cast of Bamboo Blade. At least she’d get some respect. I’m hoping the new girl will help break up the drama and get back into comedy.

Numbers avatar thumbnailNumberssColony dropped


Joe avatar thumbnailJoeAnimated: If anything can save this show, it’ll be the chuunibyou girl. Her quiet and crazy self will be a great addition to the other two. At least in episode 4, we got to see what kind of kendo fighter little Chihuaha-chan was. While I expected it to happen, this show has quickly dissolved into the cliche harem comedy it was always meant to be. And this is reinforced even more by the addition of the loli twin tail. Will it ever redeem itself at some point?

5 thoughts on “Sword Fights and Past Lives-OreShura Episode 4 and 5

  1. donkangoljones

    *shrugs* My reaction was quite the opposite to everyone else’s. While I thought the first two episodes floating around being close to a disaster. The last few episodes have been pretty entertaining to me. If anything, I wish this show was more mean.

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