Magical Artillery Girls – Vividred episode 04


Desu wa~

My prediction for Vividyellow was a bit off: not a supporting role but long-range artillery. Get your drill hair on. Time to shift to Vector Cannon Mode.

A lot of people were looking forward to Himawari-chan specifically. I guess the hacking hikki has always been a popular type to identify with? And when I say popular I mean with the crowd that watches this kind of show (of which I of course am shamelessly one of). We see a lot of the stuff we expect from this archetype: leet hacking skills, fetish for technology, past trauma causing her to have trust issues. I will note however that it’s completely unrealistic for someone like Himawari-chan  not to sport triple monitor.

Personally, I don’t feel any particular affection for her. She’s awesome, sure, but then this entire show is pretty awesome. For now I think Green still holds the #1 spot for me. A slight hint of perverseness (really, where did she get those clothes from?). She’s the only one who didn’t get a flashback, but instead a delightful yuri moment with Momo. Plus, the wink below just had me biting my lips. I guess Himawari-chan is just a bit disappointing on the shipping front. Unless you ship her with the professor, but I already ship him with the older bespectacled woman. It’s simply the One True Pairing.

Vividred Wakaba wink

Time to get your butt all sore!

The preview for the next episode tells us we’re going to see a bit about the mysterious Kuroki Rei. Good, because the cardboard enemies are starting to bore a bit. They didn’t work for Nanoha StrikerS and they still aren’t working here. It’s time to introduce the rival. Time we get to the meat of the story. And I don’t just mean butt meat. Only seven feathers and eight episodes to go!

Vividyellow gun Vividyellow feathers

Post Scriptum: the title is a bad pun (魔砲少女).

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