Hot spring cat – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Episode 03

How in the world does a tree produce water? Where in the world do you find a cat that enjoys water? Where do I get a cosplaying bunnygirl? This is the oddly enjoyable world in Mondaiji.


Episode 3 starts off with the planting of the water tree. I’m still confused about that. At the same time, it turns into a hot spring episode. You’s cat actually enjoying the water was hilarious. Asuka, Kurousagi, and You take the time to talk about themselves. I’m still a bit curious about what’s up with Kurousagi hair turning pink, but they don’t say it outloud.

Outside, Galdo’s hired goons make their way outside the building, but Jin and Izayoi interrupt. Izayoi tells them Jin will be the one to stop Galdo and the Demon Lords, much to Jin’s surprise.

Inside, Kurousagi lends Asuka and You some new clothes. Izayoi explains to Jin that his plan is to make Jin’s name known to the world so those against the Demon Lords will stand up together. Jin explains that one of his friends is in possession of a high ranking official working for Thousand Eyes. Jin’s friend apparently will be a prize in a future gift game. Izayoi tells Jin that if Jin wins against Galdo, he would get his friend back. I’m still not fond of Izayoi, but he’s not a total jerk. The loli vampire sets the stage for the Gift Game and the entire building is wrapped in vines.

They arrive at the designated area covered in vines, and the rules are to defeat Galdo with a chosen weapon. Asuka, Jin, and You enter the mansion. Galdo is fully possessed as a demon, and he’s pretty enraged at this point. They spot the sword they need to defeat him with, and Galdo attacks. You holds it off, Jin wants to fight, but Asuka commands him to get away. Sadly, he picks her up and takes her with him! You appears and she’s bloodied up.

Asuka decides to fight Galdo herself and takes the sword with her. A flashback reveals that Asuka’s gift is “control.” She sets fire to the mansion and draws Galdo out. Kurousagi explains to Asuka that her “control” Gift also means she can control other Gifts. I don’t feel like they explain her gift too well, but she manages to command the vines to trap Galdo. She then commands the sword and defeats Galdo in one strike. The vines disappear and Fores Garo is disbanded.

You gets taken to the community’s workshop to get patched up. Jin explains to Izayoi how he wasn’t able to help. Izayoi then tells everyone in the area how Jin will take on the Demon Lords. Uniting them under Jin seems like a good idea, but I’m still hesitant about Jin. He hasn’t really shown any inkling of fighting ability whatsoever.

I’m hoping next episode focuses on Kurousagi and her abilities. You’s cat continues to amuse me. I’m guessing whatever world You comes from, they have water-loving cats now? I’m still enjoying the show quite a bit, and they’ve been pretty good about giving each character an equal amount of screen time. I would like to see them use their powers in conjunction with each other in future episodes.


4 thoughts on “Hot spring cat – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Episode 03

  1. nazarielle

    I feel like the reason Izayoi is having Jin be the figurehead is because he doesn’t really care to do it himself. I don’t think Izayoi is evil or anything, but I think he’s just not interested in being a leader of a community. He just wants to dick around and get into fights.

    I dunno if Jin actually does have any fighting ability or not, but Izayoi is clearly just kinda setting him up as a figurehead. Whether he can fight or not isn’t really that important. He just needs to be the name and face of their nameless community.

    1. foshizzel

      Yep! I think Izayoi would rather sit back and be in the background instead of represent the community? That and he is probably banking on Jin luring out a powerful demon so Izayoi can step in and fight!

  2. foshizzel

    Kurousagi so damn moe in every episode! I keep watching her interactions with Izayoi and it always makes me grin and laugh, but I get the impression she is the type of character that would rather avoid fighting? Like in the first episode she did her best to evade everyone trying to get their hands on her…who knows maybe she is a fighter type but lacks the confidence to use it?

    I would laugh if she had a different hair color mode for running away, healing and fighting?

    Blue = normal mode
    pink = escape mode
    green = healing mode (if she has that power or not)
    red = fighter mode? (of course colors don’t really matter at this point)

    At least Asuka got her time to shine and a lot of people are saying she is OP, but I think all the characters so far seem to be quite OP in their own ways! I just want to see Izayoi’s powers explained not to mention him fighting an actual demon…yes please ❤

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