On The Clock – Episode 4

Akira and kevo are back for the first episode of Anime On the Clock of 2013!

This time, they look back on the little sisters of 2012, give their views on the new season, and Akira shares his experience at Comiket.

Download On The Clock Episode 4

00:35 Five Good Minutes — 2012: Year of the Imouto
05:50 Akira’s Comiket Experience (2 minutes)
08:33 Win/Pass/Fail (1 minute each)
Vividred Operation
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT
Love Live
16:07 The Proliferation of Light Novel Adaptations (3 minutes)
20:13 Suffering Heroines (3 minutes)
23:30 The Big Finish (1 minute)
Milky Holmes cast to dub My Little Pony
Madoka Snowman
Eva Q makes 5 billion JPY at box office
Yuru Yuri clubroom reconstruction
Season 2 of Sword Art Online in the works 

6 thoughts on “On The Clock – Episode 4

  1. foshizzel

    Great to hear you two again and nice work on the show, lots of interesting talks on light novels and heroine suffering!

    Kotoura-san is easily my favorite of this season so far because I like how they balance the dramatic moments with the comedy bits and of course there are a few out there that feel the drama is a bit forced, but I usually ignore them because I don’t really think that is 100% true…

    Robotic;Notes: Yeah that series has slowed down recently because they are focused on some last minute character themed episodes we had episode 12 with all Junna and 13/14 followed all of Frau for the most part! I want more stuff with the club building their robot, but we are near the end so I can’t really see that happening unless they do some much needed time skip.

    More SAO? Noooooooooooooooooooo oh god why! I guess there are a ton of fans out there that love crap anime xD

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  3. anonymous

    I only say this because kevo is my favorite podcaster ever and I really do want this show to succeed…

    Your “time’s up” sound clip is cringe-worthy awful. Can we please have a nicer one?

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