Charm increase by 36%! – Vividred episode 03

Vividred Wakaba vs Akane

Battle over who gets to keep Momo as their waifu.

Another episode, another main character introduced. This time, Saegusa Wakaba gets to show off her skills with the blade as Vividgreen. This episode didn’t bring a lot of stunning developments to the table, though it’s still a decent episode with the elements we come to expect from Vividred. Yes, that means more buttshots.

Vividred Akane surprised Vividgreen poseMecha references this episode include TTGL and Gundam. Don’t start quoting me on mecha however. I like the occasional mecha, but don’t consider myself a big mecha fan. If anything though, Vividred makes me wish I played more than just five minutes of Super Robot Wars. I even think those five minutes were from OG…

On the shipping side, it looks like RedBlue is still safe as Green seems more interested in Peach. Not like that’s ever going to stop Red from going full harem, but that solution is a bit too easy. We’ll aim to keep it spicy. Black, making more minor appearances in this episode, is shown to be in the same class as Red and Blue. Crushing must it be to see her beloved Red fawn with Blue all the time. What ploy could she possibly develop to sink that ship and have the Red half dock with her?

Wakaba carrying Momo Wakaba docking scene with Akane

This episode does further showcase a bunch of pacing problems associated with the short length of the series. Another episode where the first transformation scene is closely followed by the docking scene. I suspect this won’t change for the next character at least, which will make it three in a row. They don’t spend a lot of time trying letting developments surrounding Wakaba’s character settle in. I still think they’re doing a good job with what little time they have, but the time is indeed little. Is it too soon to start crying for a second season?

Two characters left to introduce, next time will be Himawari’s turn. Already making a proxy appearance of sorts this episode, she seems to be going for the hacker archetype, which makes me wonder if her battle role will be more supportive. More importantly, who am I going to ship her with? The gramps?

5 thoughts on “Charm increase by 36%! – Vividred episode 03

  1. foshizzel

    Gotta love those TTGL glasses on Akane, but really? Glasses? That sword girl still figured out who she was, but finally a magical girl series where people know your identity…the fusion this week was epic! I can’t wait to see the next episode to see what the yellow one is like, but she sort of reminded me of Cure Peace/Yayoi both have yellow and were shy characters.

      1. foshizzel

        hahah no problem! I didn’t get into precure till I saw Heartcatch, but even then it was hard to sit through 40+ episodes. The main problem I think people assume they have to see the original series stuff just to get into the newest ones which is not true at all! Each of them are stand alone series, of course they are aimed at children so that might be another reason people skip it forever…

        I can’t wait to see the final girl in the next Vividred episode and then hopefully the series finally starts to get interesting because we can skip the character intros! Unless the mysterious girl with the bow joins them as the 5th vivid girl? I guess that could always happen…

        1. Numbers and Space Post author

          Oh yeah, I’m surrounded by precure fans (i.e. I’m surrounded by Dave…) so it’s definitely not because of lack of information. I still have hopes for it. Maybe in the near future…

          I think Black will join them as we close in to the climax. She’s portrayed as the rival girl and they usually swing along later in the series.


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