Plan of Attack!-OreShura Episode 3

oreshura episode 3 MC-kun

We join our merry threesome again this week moving full steam with their club, the “Society of maidens who direct their own lives”. Masuzu continues to move forward in her efforts to make Chihuahua-chan the most popular girl is school, while embarrassing Eita along the way. What could possibly go wrong with that?

Azerizaz avatar thumbnailAzeriraz: Truth be told, I wasn’t that into this episode of OreShura. After the great Chuunibyo skit, with the DBZ reference, the episode took a turn into serious waters. Drama peaked and consequently my interest in the episode went downhill. That said, the series isn’t as trashy as I thought it might turn out to be. There’s still a sense of restraint when it comes to the harem setting, but I was nonetheless disappointed when the dark haired girl only appeared for a millisecond.

Crazydave avatar thumbnail

CrazyDave: Having watched this episode with Azeriraz I echo his opinion regarding the Chuunibyou skit being the best part. While the drama part did make me feel a bit more for Chihuahua-chan, I still wasn’t a huge fan of it. I was quite disappointed when black haired girl appear for a single shot and then never showed up again for the rest of the episode. I’m currently shipping Masuzu, but if that is still the case when the rest of the cast is introduced remains to be seen.

Sabas avatar thumbnailSabas: Reading Eita-kun’s notebook is getting really stale as a joke, or is that just me? I’m starting to feel for Chihuahua-chan. With the backstory between her and Eita-kun revealed, I feel more irritated with Eita-kun’s actions. She really doesn’t want to go on that date! I’m not saying she needs to win over Eita-kun, but he really doesn’t see her anything beyond the dreaded “childhood friend.” I really hope we see the other two girls soon.

Numbers avatar thumbnailNumberss: Unlike last week, there wasn’t nearly enough Yukarin so this episode had me quite bored. We get to see more of Chihuahua-chan and I’ll admit I feel more for her than when I started out, but she’s still not a character that appeals to me a whole lot. We all know the childhood friend is going to lose anyway. Honestly, I’m this close to dropping it but I’ve signed a blood contract with Joe I just love writing about this show every week. Heheh, in all seriousness though, I’ll at least stick by until the rest of the main cast shows up since they show some promise. If I end up dropping it and mysteriously disappear from the internet can someone inform the authorit-

Joe avatar thumbnailJoeAnimated: I’m a lot of the same things as the rest of the team. The whole skit thing, while funny, seem out of place. And Masuzu reading from the book really isn’t all that funny, but they’re not going to let that joke go away. As the opening indicates, we can expect at least 2 more girls to join the fray moving forward. Hopefully, this will round out the cast of characters a bit more, making the club and its antics a much more enjoyable watch as this show descends into harem madness.

This show has the potential to be a decent harem comedy. But with the plot jumping from place to place, and the jokes turning stale, it may not end up that way. What are your thoughts?

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