Fly! – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Episode 02

Asuka and You regret nothing.

[Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Episode One]

When we last met, Izayoi was questioning Kurousagi on the true nature for her summoning them to the Little Garden. Meanwhile, Asuka and You are confronted with Galdo Gasper of the Fores Garo community. What exactly does he want from the two?

Right from the start, the truth about Kurousagi’s community is revealed. They were coerced into a Gift Game and were summarily wiped out.The only two old enough to continue with the Gift Game are Kurousagi and Jin, so she enlisted the help of Asuka, Izayoi, and You. Kurousagi pleads with Izayoi to help, and he agrees. What’s more fun than taking down a demon lord and reviving Kurousagi’s community?

Happy Kurousagi is happy!

Meanwhile, Asuka with her ability interrogates Galdo Gasper on how he managed to defeat all the surrounding communities. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty. Of course, after revealing his own crimes, Galdo is enraged and transforms. You quickly dispatches him with an impressive arm bar. Rather than eliminate altogether, Asuka decides to challenge Glado in a Gift Game. Kurousagi and Izayoi return and find out the news. Asuka and You explaining their actions is incredibly funny.

You gives Galdo an armbar.

As a result, Jin decides now would be a good time to visit Thousand Eyes, a trade community, to appraise the trio’s abilities. On the way, Kurousagi explains to the trio that they all came from different, parallel worlds. Shiroyasha appears and starts harassing Kurousagi. She explains how the various gates separate the Little Garden, and she explains that she gave divine powers to the water dragon Izayoi defeated. Finding out that Shiroyasha is a demon lord, they request a challenge. She presents them a griffon, king of the birds and beasts. Between the three of them, one must ride the griffon around the lake.

You accepts the challenge. The griffon puts his pride on the line, and You decides to put her life on the line for the game. Through a flashback, it’s explained that You’s father told her stories about griffons. Izayoinotes that her ability isn’t just talking to animals and that normal people couldn’t handle the speeds she was riding in. Near the end it appears she passed the challenge, only to fall after losing consciousness. She recovers and appears to walk on air. The griffon explains that it’s his gift for her for passing the challenge. Shiroyasha asks about her gift and You explains that the wood amulet was given to her by her father. Kurousagi asks Shiroyasha to appraise the trio’s gifts and they are presented Gift Cards, cards with the ability to store their gifts and give them a name. It’s revealed Iyazoi has an Unknown gift. Returning back to their community, it appears everything has been wiped out. At the Fores Garo base, a winged girl sucks the blood dry out of Galdo.

You recovers and airwalks to land.

Seems a number of issues I was worried about in the first episode were answered. Mainly, You proved how powerful she was in taking down Galdo and riding the griffon. It seems that her power isn’t just talking to animals, but borrowing the powers of the animals she befriends. Asuka managed to prove quite the interrogator when she was questioning Galdo. I’m just hoping we see what else she’s capable in the following episodes. Izayoi still feels a bit over powerful especially when his ability is classified as Unknown. The ED was a delight with all the dancing. This show continues to entertain me. It’s light-hearted fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. They even gave us a Arai Satomi character! What more could you ask for?

ED dance is awesome. Kurousagi!

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