OreShura Episode 2-Group Style

Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru Episode 2 Natsukawa Masuzu
A show that has caught the eye of the Anime Audiolog team is Ore no Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru, or OreShura for short. This is a story about a boy who wants nothing to do with love, a girl who blackmails him to be her boyfriend, and the childhood friend that wont let him go without a fight. To give this series the justice it deserves, the writers of AAL are going team blog this series, giving it our full attention. In this week’s OreShura, we get our first full episode with the happy threesome. What can go wrong with that?

Azerizaz avatar thumbnailAzeriraz: I see a little bit of everything in OreShura; Nisekoi beginning, a Haganai future and any other romcom in between.  It’s a shipping show for sure and we’ve yet to see the other members of the harem.  I’m gonna go ahead stick to the silver-haired girl Masuzu.  She’s got a little bit of the Senjougahara monotone and sadism going on and I love every second of it! These past two episodes she’s made minced-meat of Chihuahua-chan and the funny thing is, I don’t mind at all.

I know my fellow Audio Log bloggers are waiting for the others girls to show up, but I don’t think any of them will be able to beat out Masuzu.  Team Masuzu all the way!

Crazydave avatar thumbnailCrazyDave: For those that know me well, its a commonly well known fact that I love/ship osananajimi (childhood friend) 99% of the time when it comes to romance anime. However as of the 2nd episode, contrary to my usual habits I am not on the Chihuahua-chan ship. From the opening I am guessing I’m gonna like black haired chick but as of right now I am shipping silver hair goddess Masuzu. The second she showed up wearing megane it was a done deal.

Joe avatar thumbnailJoeAnimated: Nothing can be more cliche than a harem comedy. While there is plenty I could berate this show for, there are also things I enjoy. Chihuahua-chan plays the role of the feisty childhood friend so well. And I thoroughly enjoy the conniving and manipulative nature of Masuzu. And the bland male character isn’t completely stupid, which is never a bad thing. With two more girls to come to add to the harem, I hope that there given interesting personalities as well, making the harem all that more dysfunctional and enjoyable. And you can never fault a show that references JoJo.

Sabas avatar thumbnailSabas: Would you guys kill me if I said I never read JoJo? I guess that’s why I’m not cool, huh? Yukarin’s Masuzu continues to dominate the show, and it’s hard not to see why. Her acting is incredibly convincing, but I have to wonder how long before the fake love turns real.  Chihuahua-chan is a strong childhood friend character, but I don’t see her winning this war of affection. Both the OP and ED are incredibly colorful. If you just showed me the OP/ED, I would have guessed this was a yuri show.

Numbers avatar thumbnailNumberss: It’s certainly no surprise to see Natsukawa Masuzu be number one in our group. Though I fully agree so far (Yukarin banzai), I have to wonder if that position will last as new characters start to flow in. A hint of yuri in the OP/ED is also sure to sway my favours. And, as Sabas mentioned, the inevitable turn from fake to real love just might be to the detriment of the show but when this will happen is a mystery to me. Until all of that happens however, Yukarin’s sadistic voice will carry me throughout the show.

The preview for episode three is showing no signs of anything out of the ordinary so look forward to more team Masuzu next week.

1 thought on “OreShura Episode 2-Group Style

  1. nazarielle

    Yukarin best troll.
    It’s ok Sabas, I haven’t read or watched Jojo either. I guess that’s why I’m not popular :p


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