Our Last Addition This Year-Sabas!


To round out our merry crew, we’ve brought in one more addition to AAL: Sabas! With a stron interest in the light novel and visual novel mediums, he will add another great element to the team. And without further delay, I’ll let him go and introduce himself:

After floating around southern Japan for about three years, I’m currently shipwrecked on the East coast on the Unite States. I’ve been actively engaged with anime and manga since 2006, and have lurked and commented on Twitter since 2007. I’ll try just about any genre but I tend to lean towards slice of life and romantic comedies. I’m constantly trying to get people into things that aren’t popular in the US: mainly light novels and visual novels. I’m also a fan of anime remixes, and sharing mixes that I find on SoundCloud.  So, let’s enjoy a good story, shall we?

You can find Sabas on MyAnimeList, Twitter, and GoodReads. Let’s give him a big welcome!

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