Pixiv Picks – Yukiho Hagiwara


Artist: くすり

December 24th the day before Christmas otherwise known as Christmas Eve. One would expect that on this day I would be posting pixiv pictures of people in Santa outfits or warm jackets surrounded in snow. Well don’t worry that post is coming but for today instead I decided to celebrated another 765 Pro idol’s birthday. The birthday girl for this special day is none other than Yukiho Hagiwara.

Like Miki Yukiho hails from 765 Productions. She comes off as very shy and timid but when the need arises she can rise to the challenge. Dogs and boys can easily scare her but she works with Producer to get over her phobias. Outside of the studio she can often be found with Makoto as they are best friends.

Artist: い~どぅ~

Artist: 九十九

Artist: K子

Artist: いっきゅー

Artist: らんどせるRX

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