Anime Talk Episode 31

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Welcome Back! Aeroblip was gone this week, but I brought a special guest with me in Min from Metanorn. We decided to tackle a heavy topic: Copyright. As an anime or manga fan, you may not realize just how much impact it has on you. You can download the show, podcast it, or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy!

Download Anime Talk Episode 31

0:00 Intro Music
0:25 Welcome
0:52 Special Guest – Min!
1:30 What is Copyright?
8:17 What Are Biggest Influences in Copyright Law?
23:10 As an Anime Fan, How Does This Apply to You?
39:14 What Can Happen to Copyright Violators?
 43:24 Final Thoughts?
 45:33 Closing

2 thoughts on “Anime Talk Episode 31

  1. foshizzel

    Ahhh copyrights! I have run into this several times on Youtube like my failed AMV style videos and usually the video or the audio gets reported and of course that means they get removed really fast, but if I think hard about it yeah technically I don’t officially “own” that content. Course I have went to Vimeo that seems to be fine if you post anime themed videos? I have noticed that happens as well towards video reviews as well.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Copyright is a terrible mess. Technology has completely changed how the media that falls under copyright is produced and distributed. I don’t know if I agree with abolishing the system, but meaningful reform, taking into account both the owner and the public, needs to happen. And this is true for trademarks and patents as well.


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