Weekend Reading – AKB49


Hey manga fans, Azeriraz here to bring you a manga about the struggles of aspiring AKB48 idols.  A series whose title lacks originality; AKB49.

AKB49 starts off as your typical romantic comedy. Our main character Urakawa Minoru gets into drag and tries out for AKB48 because he wants to help his crush Yoshinaga get in.  In the end, he becomes the front-runner out of the group of AKB48 hopefuls.

As we progresses the story changes from a romantic comedy to a slice-of-life series about the struggles idols go through.  Not only does the romance all but disappear, the manga explores every little detail of how AKB48 operates, including the behind-the-scenes crew.  There is some drama along the way, but it doesn’t steer too far away from the original story like Beck or Bakuman may have done at times.

That still doesn’t stop the manga from exploiting, what I assume, one of the highest quality harems any Japanese male dreams about.  Minoru’s cross-dressing act creates some “confusing” moments for other AKB48 members and troubles him whenever he thinks about his own love life.  At times, the comedy is just downright hilarious.

If you’re looking for another slice-of-life series about reaching dreams, AKB49 might be what you’re looking for.  Even if you don’t care about idols (like me), as a slice-of-series it’s enjoyable. There’s comedy, drama and insight into one of the most famous idol groups in Japan.

The manga is ongoing and the scans are being released daily until it’s caught up to the weekly releases in Japan.

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