Say Hello to Our New Team Addition Azeriraz!

TTGL Kamina

We are once again proud to announce another great addition to our team: Azeriraz! Many of you will recognize him from Anime Aura, where he has been blogging for some time now.  But for those of you who don’t know him, I’ll let him go ahead and let him tell you a little about himself.

Just a university student from the other side of the world with a love for manga that equals a love for anime.  As far as I can remember, the cartoons I loved most as a kid were anime but I didn’t realize this until 2008 and I started blogging at the end of 2011.  When I’m not being a closet otaku, I pretend to be posh by drinking and eating fine European cuisine and wine or discussing cinema and art.  Ironically my knowledge of wine comes from a manga……….

You can find him on twitter as @azeriraz, and on MAL as well!

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