Anime Talk Episode 30!

Touhou Headphones

Welcome Back! We’ve even brought a special guest with us this week, Baka-Raptor! We talk about the otaku social media network, WONDER!, Crunchyroll Comics, anime movies and their affect on the story and canon, and our thoughts on an interview with Henry Goto of Aniplex of America. We even get the chance to compete in recommending the shows from this season that Baka-Raptor should watch. You can download the show, podcast it, or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy!

Download Anime Talk Episode 30

0:00 Intro Music
0:17 Welcome
0:53 Introducing Baka-Raptor, our special guest!
1:32 New Website for the Anime and Manga Fan
Otaku Social Media Network WONDER!
Crunchyroll Comics
6:38 Should a Movie Rewrite the Story to a Series?
13:22 Interview: Henry Goto, President, Aniplex of America
20:43 TBD Game
40:08 Closing

6 thoughts on “Anime Talk Episode 30!

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  2. Baka-Raptor

    “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure originally started as a 1980s OVA which now has a 26-episode, you know, run. It’s currently in the first cour, so the first half. It’s basically about a guy who, you know, eventually has these awesome powers, kind of like Fist of the North Star, where he just beats a bunch of people up. His first nemesis was actually his adopted step—half-brother or step-brother who turns into a vampire and then just decides to fuck up the world purely for the fact that he had a drunk dad who’d just beat the shit out of him every day. And that’s the first arc.”

    Far superior to the summaries on Anime News Network.and My Anime List.


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