Anime On The Clock – Episode 3

Akira and kevo are back to tackle the topics that effect you as a fan of Japanese animation. Come listen to what’s in store this week!

This week, they tackle censorship in manga, cultural controversy in Sakurasou, anime girls and the panty shot, vocaloids in fashion design, The “no moe” rule at Production IG, and more! What could be more entertaining than Akira and kevo talking trash for half an hour?

Download On The Clock Episode 3

00:35 Five Good Minutes — Censorship in Manga
05:35 Samgyetang Controversy in Sakurasou
07:41 Girls und Pantieshots
09:47 There, I Said It!
The Most Underrated Show This Season is ________
The Biggest Problem with Robotics;Notes is ________
This Season’s Worst Female Character is ________
This Season’s Biggest Disappointment is ________
14:43 Louis Vuitton Vocaloid Designs
18:00 No Moe is Psycho-pass
21:04 The Big Finish
Hasekura’s Costly Typo
Microsoft at Comiket
Naruto Climax
Cure Sunny Wins Marathon
Aya Hirano picked up on the street

3 thoughts on “Anime On The Clock – Episode 3

  1. Ashoka

    Hey guys, I like your new introduction.

    Regarding moé, one could say that it is idealized cuteness, crystalized kawaii, but that would just be one (still the largest) part of it. The understanding of moé runs deep once you see it, but it’s like Jazz and Hip Hop: If you don’t know what it is, I can’t tell you (paraphrasing Miles Davis).
    Whether it encompasses boys as well – I think it does. Yukimura from Haganai, Hastur from Nyarko-san and Ruka from Steins;Gate are all boys but also all have their male fanbases. The trap character is a moé archetype, no doubt. One could argue that they still appear to be girls, but the real appeal behind them is that they are actually boys, because if they weould work just as fine if they were female, we wouldn’t have trap characters everywhere.

    Similarly, the Shouta in shoujo series is also very common, for instance Honey from Ouran High School Host Club or the main character of Gravitation. He is the adorable small boy that enchants every woman (or man, if the series is so inclined) with his optimistic and energetic charme. Considering similarities between many romantic shoujo series and shounen/seinen moefests, like a broad selection of archetypes, tragic backstories and fates and a pervading sexuality (let’s face it, even Clannad, one of the sexually most harmless moe shows, had a decent amount of decent fanservice [really short skirts, which got visually shortened by the school uniforms blazers and in some cases stocking, it’s like a double Zettai Ryouiki]), I’d say that male characters can have the same effect on girls as female moé characters have on guys.

    When everybody starts gushing how cute one character is, they all start to sound alike anyway.

  2. flawfinder

    Everyone knows that the most underrated show this season is Bottom-Biting Bug. How anyone can say no to a show with deep messages like “If you don’t brush your teeth, you’ll go to hell” is a mystery to me.


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