Anime Talk Episode 28

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You know you never get tired of us. And this week, you get to vote on the punishment for the Batsu contest. Come check it out!

This week, we announce our new writer, Numberss, the lack of pantsu in Girls und Panzer (which is a good thing), how much time is too long between sequels, and the mythos of the fake nerd and geek. We also have new segment, One Good Word, that you’ll have to check out. Don’t forget to vote on the penalty for our Batsu Game. You can download the show, podcast it, or listen to it right here in the post. Enjoy!

Download Anime Talk Episode 28

0:00 Intro Music
0:20 Welcome
1:10 New Writer: Numberss!
1:31 Pantsu and the Military Moé
6:22 How Much Time Should Go Between Sequels?
16:24 The Mythos of the Fake Nerd and Geek Girl
24:24 Batsu Contest
27:11 One Good Word
32:09 Closeout

3 thoughts on “Anime Talk Episode 28

  1. megaroad1

    Nice podcast guys.
    Girls and Panzer is a strange bird for sure. The WWII buff in me loves the insight on classic armour, but I still find it hard to reconcile with a moe girls only school setting. Having said that, the lack of gratuitous panty-shots is quite refreshing.

    I think any more than 3 years for a direct sequel (that is announced and we know is coming) is a bit harsh on the fans. But EVA operates by it’s own logic and can get away with this kind of thing.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Thanks! We actually broadcast this live every Tuesday, then format it for download by the end of the week. There’s a link to the UStream site in the right hand column. Girls und Panzer is a definite contradiction, but one I’ll keep watching. And I’m on your side, I hate waiting years for a direct sequel.

  2. Slashe

    Great podcast this week. Are you guys sticking to this two man format for now or are the other writers gonna join in like in the past?

    Yay for Numbers! Can’t wait to see your winter schedule outlook graffiti-style.

    I agree with the fact that there shouldn’t be too long between sequels, maybe a 2 to 3 years gap, but I would rather have sequels for well-beloved shows appearing late than no sequels at all. For example, I would kill for a Spice and wolf 3, Genshinken 3, Aoi Hana 2, Nana 2,and a Boys Be 2, despite them being old enough to ferment cheese.

    Wow. I’d rather see you perform the Lucky Star dance (or Haruhi dance or Joshiraku dance) but I see that the guys at Deus ex Machina already rigged the votes in favour of the iDOLM@STER….

    At least you could watch it on your new Bluray player with your kids after Aikatsu is finished, and in the watching plot and plan for the next Batsu game punishment for Aeroblip.


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