Weekend Reading – Hatsukoi Limited

Hai sai, Numbers here bringing you less-than-stellar yet still incredibly fun to read manga. This week we’re looking at shipping galore with Hatsukoi Limited.

Hatsukoi Limited


As the name implies (First Love Limited), this manga is a romantic comedy all about first love. Unique about this manga is the stunning amount of characters (more than my fingers can count). All characters have their own story, all stories are connected in some fashion. Just to show you how connected, I drew this awesome spoiler-free chart.hatsukoichart

Copyrighted, don’t steal please, highly valuable, pictures without flash.

The author, Kawashita Mizuki, is more famous for her long running Ichigo 100%. While Hatsukoi Limited is similar in many ways, I like the decision to include so many characters. It shies away from the harem and the indecisive main character you end up disliking. On the other hand, the shipping is still as fun as ever. The wealth of characters doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up confused about which is whom. Every character is very unique in its own right.

Like Ichigo 100%, it’s still somewhat ecchi (for better or worse) and still sometimes makes the characters do stupid stuff. Overall however, you can see a lot of improvement in both art and story telling. The anime is also worth looking at. It changes some of the stupid stuff for the better and has a treasure trove of voice actor.

Completed at 32 chapters, Hatsukoi Limited is a short, but fun romantic comedy. Unique by the amount of characters, but fun in an old-fashioned way.

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