The Eureka Seven AO Ending We’ve All Been Waiting For

Eureka Seven AO Main Cast

[UPDATE: This is just a preview, you can find my thoughts on the finale here]

The fated time has arrived. At long last, the conclusion to Eureka Seven AO is set to air this coming week. The three weeks off for the Olympics forced a two month delay to end this series. And after leaving on a cliff hanger, we’ve had been left to wonder just what Bones has in store for us. What will the conclusion bring? Will the timeline be set right? Will Renton rescue both Eureka and Ao? But before we get to that, lets recap what we’ve seen so far.

There are no loyalties, only agendas

Eureka Seven AO Masked Elena

It amazes me how often in this show people change sides. Ao defects to the Americans, then comes back. Team Harlequin takes the side of the Americans, then comes back and says that they were just putting on a show. Elena defects to the Americans, and then confesses her feelings to Ao and comes back. No one is really loyal, they are just playing into their different agendas and objectives to get what they want. And with all of these agendas coming to head soon, it will be interesting to see how they play out.

Naru the God, Truth the Devil

Eureka Seven AO Naru Merged with Coral

When Naru first teamed up with Truth, it was an interesting twist. She realized who Truth was from her past, but what did she hope to gain from him? Watching this relationship develop from a sort of partnership to a superior-inferior on the part of Naru was not what I would have expected. Combine that with the divergent paths they took. Naru melded with the Coral, becoming linked to it. And as sentiments changed in those around the Coral, she became a sort of prophet or god-like figure. And Truth, he spiraled into a state of confusion and insanity, eventually melding with an uncontrollable IFO, and going berserk. It makes me wonder if these two will meet in a confrontation in the end.

The timeline is a complete mess

Eureka Seven AO Nirvash Ao Quartz Gun

Time travel makes every story more complicated. You’re forced to remember what happened when, identify the changes when timelines are altered, and hopefully don’t get caught up in a paradox. E7 AO has put all that into the mix. And, thrown in a supergun, that when fired, has the ability to remove something from the timeline, and therefore altering history, and you’ve got a mess waiting to happen. Fortunately, Ao has been reluctant to fire the gun, only using it once. But odds are, the story’s conclusion will play out according to when it’s used next.

Eureka is lost to space and time

Eureka Seve AO Eureka the Ghost

So, when Eureka saved the world 10 years ago, she was thrown into the ether where space and time are in flux. And as she bounces around, she is randomly seen by Ao and Elena. It’s like the Ghost of Christmas Past coming to haunt everyone. And every time she appears, she throw’s Ao, or Elena, for a loop. And one that leads us to next point.

Renton has become a bad ass adult

 [AraAraUfufu~] Eureka Seven AO - 22 (720p x264 AAC)[8A83F46A].mkv-00_23_14-00022

Finally, in the last episode, We saw a grown up Renton. And to be honest, he looked pretty bad ass. Gone was the whiny kid. In was the more mature, driven, adult. In the short span we saw him, he was in search of Eureka, apparently moving between timelines to find her. And based on the preview (shown below) of the coming finale, he makes it to Ao’s timeline in search of her. To see what I mean, check out this finale preview:

4 thoughts on “The Eureka Seven AO Ending We’ve All Been Waiting For

  1. foshizzel

    There are no loyalties, only agendas: Hell ya! There really are a lot of different “factions” and I am happy that Elena discovered she belongs with team pied piper and yeah I always suspected team Harlequin of being “evil” because damn they are soooo shady through the entire series and now they switched teams…awesome?

    Naru the God, Truth the Devil: Funny how everything chanced for Truth when Naru started to gain more power from the scubs! Now she is the master and I think she would probably lose if she ever tried to fight Truth head on…well…maybe she does have the original Nirvosh, but hey I wouldn’t mind seeing them fight it out ❤

    The timeline is a complete mess: YEP P MUCH AGREED! The timeline is really really screwed up right now and hopefully Ao's Quarts cannon can reset everything? I still think Ao will use the gun and give every character a new start just like Chloe and Maeve?

    Eureka is lost to space and time: Ghost Eureka always pops up in the oddest parts of the episodes and yeah I guess she is basically stuck in some crazy time loop or trapped in some void? I just want Renton to find her…

    Renton has become a bad ass adult: Hahahah yes! He really did become a bad ass looking character and the preview has me really excited to see how Ao and Renton interact, but I will also wait for some screaming and possible punching to the face action…maybe…

    Great write up Joe~

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Thanks Fosh! Today is the big day. Hopefully we’ll see some subbed shows tonight, and get the chance to see just how this show ends. The studio has had plenty of time to make this spectacular, so I’m hoping for the best.

  2. megaroad1

    Found your new home Joe. Just finished watching AO and looking forward to reading your take on it….There’s a lot to comment on that ending…

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Good to see you! So much to comment on. That ending left me wondering what they were thinking. Maybe I’ll keep the post short, and leaving everything to the conversation in the comments.


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