Let’s Welcome Our New Writer: Numberss!

This week, we welcome a new writer: Numberss! You may recognize him from Numbers and Space. And now, he’ll be joining our crew here as we endeavor to bring you new content you’ll enjoy. So, let’s have Numbers introduce himself:

CompSci student enjoying life. Anime and manga fan since 2006, blogging since 2010. I post the occasional editorial on Numbers and Space. I watch about every genre under the sun, but give my preference to drama, comedy and romance. Yuri has a special place in my heart. I scour the depths of pixiv to bookmark a good picture, or favorite a nice artist. Studying Japanese on the side, occasionally translating obscure manga and doujin. On other days a big music fan and ESPORTS geek. Remember to stay positive, smile awkwardly and make people feel happy.

You can find Numbers at:
Twitter: @Numberss_
Pixiv: Likewise

Say Hi to our new writer!

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