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Welcome, and What to Expect

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Thank you for visiting! As you can see, things are just getting started after combining some content from two closing blogs. And with that comes  new goals and direction. So what is it that’s in store?

First,  this blog going to try something a little new. One of the key features will be to bring not only written posts, but short audio or video posts. How is this different from a podcast you ask? They’ll be focused on one particular subject or show, rather than hopping through multiple topics. And most of these audio and video posts will be short; less than 5 minutes.  This would keep it line with the time it takes to read most episodic type posts.

Next, the weekly live broadcast will start back up. The format will be changing from the lone host and guests, to something more akin to your morning sports talk show. This will bring new and fresh dialog and debate. It will still have guests, but their input will be more focused to particular topics an segments. And, as always, the audio from these posts will be made available each week for download or by podcast feed.

Of course, written posts will still be a part of the content here. As the blog settles  in, new content will start coming out. Posts will also mix in both Anime and Manga based material, in order to cover more of what people like. And by the Winter 2012 season, expect new episodic posts to start-up. This will round out the content, and hopefully make it a place you want to come visit.

Since this is a new blog, things will be slow to start. If you’re interested in joining up, please let us know. Maybe you’re looking to move from running your own solo blog, and looking to be a part of a team. Or maybe you’re looking to get started, and just need an opportunity.  Experience is always nice, but like the chance that was given to me, I’m willing to give someone a fresh start. You can email me using the address found in the About page or leave a comment below.

Thanks again for stopping by. Hopefully we’ll see you back soon!

6 thoughts on “Welcome, and What to Expect

  1. BokuSatchii

    All right. WRL shut down just after I started following it, so it’s good to see a new blog up so soon. Look forward to seeing what you do with the unique format.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      WRL wont be going away, Ghost just wont be producing any content, and it will always be there for reference. The one thing I will never match is the knowledge of mecha, especially the Macross and Gundam franchises. WRL will always be the place I go to learn about that.

      Hopefully the new format works out well. There is lots of brainstorming going on, with good ideas coming out. Hopefully everyone enjoys it!

  2. foshizzel

    Woooo I look forward to hearing your audio posts! I wanted to do a similar thing with youtube videos sadly that fell apart really fast for me so I wish you luck Joe! Manga posts are a little different for me since I hardly read anything outside of the big shounen manga or something like Railgun/Index aka high school kids with crazy super powers.

    As for guests I am always willing to join in for fun chats about anime~

    Again good luck and I look forward to spamming you with comments! Well good comments lololol


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