Thank You

As you can see, today marks a special, but sad day. Today, We Remember Love ends its’ fantastic run. From a humble beginning, it has become the place to discuss the Gundam and Macross universe. The unique writing, and engaging comment section, has made this more than a blog, and more like a community. In the short time I have been a part of it, I have found it to be an engaging place, one where an amalgamation of passion filled ideas come together to make post more than a one-sided conversation.

So I wanted to leave this final word as my way of saying thanks to Ghostlightning. When he offered to let me write at his blog, I was a bit nervous. As many of you know, I am not a quarter the Gundam or Macross fan that Ghost is. My interest, while science fiction in nature for the most part, are in other shows. But Ghost welcome me with open arms. For my early posts, he provided an editorial review, helping to develop a style and format that would not only benefit his blog, but help me improve as well. I found that I enjoyed being a part of WRL. And as I got more rooted into the WRL, I got to know Ghost better as well. As a fellow dad, and of girls at that, we share very similar situations, even half a world a part. I got to know Ghost the person, and over time, considered him a friend.

So, Thank You. Thank you for the opportunity you game me to explore my ability to write. Thank you for the lessons in blogging that you taught me. Thank you for the mentoring you gave.

The anime, and blogging world in general, will miss We Remember Love. But we all are looking forward to what you have in store next.