Forgotten Truths-Eureka seveN AO Episode 19

Eureka Seven AO Secret Head

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 18]

Yes, I know I’m a week late. Between family and work, life has gotten busy this Fall. But honestly, that’s no excuse. I guess the reason I’m really late is an indication of my growing frustration with this show. And this week’s episode, with it’s shotgun approach to unraveling mysteries and creating new ones, was almost a letdown. It was utterly anticlimactic.  And why do I think that?

Eureka Seven AO Maggie Kwan Allied Pilot

The Mystery of Maggie Kwan is Confirmed

With very little focus or fanfare, we’re formally introduced to Maggie. While the other members of Team Goldilocks never piloted IFOs, Maggie apparently still does, and is fighting for the Allied Forces. She has been convinced that saving the kids of Generation Bleu is the right thing to do.Eureka Seven AO Truth is Secret

The Secret That Wasn’t Really a Secret About Truth

As Bones has been hinting at for the last 6 or so episodes, the true form of Truth is that of a Secret.  As we saw in the Eureka flashback, along with the following fight on the Gekko Go, Truth is a Secret that lost it’s purpose. Following the fight with Eureka, the Secret changed its form. And if Naru is correct, some amount of Scub was also brought into that form.  The way this is revealed to us was almost like the writer was saying “Didn’t you know that already?” It feels like they were looking to just rush through it in an effort to get the story on to the next phase.Eureka Seven AO Eleana Brought by Eureka

Elena Drops Bombs, and No One Things Twice About it

Honestly, how many times does Elena have to say something outrageous, before anyone will listen to her? Last week, she tells Fleur that she killed Miller and took on her identity, and all Fleur can do is stare at Elena, get bitched slapped, and walk away. Then this week, Elena point blank tells Ao and Fleur that she was brought to this world by Eureka, and that she doesn’t belong here. Their reaction? More blank stares, and completely blowing her off. What the hell? You would think, of all people, Ao would be engaged in that conversation. But he has only a muted reaction. Granted, they were interrupted, but you think he would have mobbed Elena over that revelation.

Eureka Seven AO Blanc Hero Suicide

The Captain Goes Down with the Ship

Once things start hitting the fan, Christophe has no intention of seeing it to the end. And in his final, desperate act, he attempts to take Truth down with some Quartz. But again, it feels like it was all rushed. What should be, in anime terms, a desperate heroic acts, feels like it was forced down our throats. Eureka Seven AO Squished Truth

So here we are. We are at least 3 (but hopefully 5) episodes to the conclusion. There are still things that this show still has not touched on. What about the IFO in the deep basement of the Gen Bleu facility? Is Naru going to do anything other than hang out with the Scub in a white night gown? Will anyone take Elena seriously?

14 thoughts on “Forgotten Truths-Eureka seveN AO Episode 19

  1. Shining_Bard

    I’m hoping the next episode will address things. There was a military coup or whatever you call it occurring during this episode.

  2. megaroad1

    It seemed that the show delighted in heaping enigmas over layers of mistery for 15 episodes or so, and now it will spell it all out for us in a short burst. I don’t mind personally, but I guess it’s indicative of less than inspired screenwriting. Out of the things you point out, the lack of reaction to Elena’s statements is the biggest headscratcher.
    This episode had a very End of Evangelion feel to it (organization’s huge base being attacked by former allies) plus a couple of probable Evangelion references. I wonder if this done deliberately.

  3. Son Gohan

    I think that Fleur just doesn’t believe Elena because she is always so “chunibyou”.
    But it’s true that this show has a dry approach to the revelation of its misteries.

    1. Matt Wells

      Let’s not forget the same thing happened in the original series. Anyone else remember the episode where Talho explained to Renton in five minutes of pure plot dump all the background stuff about Eureka and the main story that the last thirty episodes had only hinted at? And how absolutely nobody reacted to it?

      BONES has a really shaky track record with exposition, that’s all.

    2. JoeAnimated Post author

      Yeah, this show has suffered from a terrible lack of exposition the entire time. Makes it damn near impossible to follow with any reasonable assurance that you know what is going on.

  4. foshizzel

    I am with you 100% Joe! Just what the hell is going on with this series? Especially with this episode…honestly the characters are just learning what we as the viewer already know! Like Elena coming from another world? And of course the whole thing about Truth being a secret? Yeahhhh I guess he forgot about his ARMS TRANSFORMING while he fought Eureka and Ao? I couldn’t help but laugh at that scene.

    All that said I did enjoy Christophe sacrificing himself to save everyone from truth, but as cool as he was at the end it still did not do anything for me…I guess I really don’t see the impact of death in this world if Ao’s Quartz cannon can fix the world meaning if X character dies in this world are they still alive in the other? I just assume Ao can reset everything and solve all the problems?

    Ep 20! Was uhh interesting but I wont spoil it haha

  5. Martin

    I LOVED the original series and wanted so desperately to love this too, but I’m afraid I share a lot of your reservations about it. Every week I sit down to watch this, but seemingly vital plot points just pass me by and it blurs into a succession of set-piece instead of moments that are supposed to feel special and important. The whole series is starting to feel like a letdown for me TBH.

    In the original E7 there was the Eureka/Renton pairing, and the Anemone/Dominic pairing…it had an emotional focus; it had *heart*. E7 AO is a cool-looking SF show with pretty-shiny mecha and tonnes of tehnobabble, which is all right I guess…but it lacks that emotional core. Maybe that’s what we’re missing?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Instead of heart, there seems to be this focus from Ao on what is “right” and “wrong”. It’s a complete abandonment of the core value of Love from the original series.

  6. GuestyGuesty

    I’ve been loving your coverage. The only thing I want to throw in here is that I think we have a very specific form of bad execution afoot here on both the un-reaction to Elena’s bomb and the sudden heroic death of Fleur’s papa. Basically, it feels like both of those are actually well-thought-through (or at least you can figure out a just-so story that makes them seem well-thought-through), but the show seemingly doesn’t have time to spend on the extra exposition that’d flesh them out.

    Take Elena first: they’re clearly going for the “Elena says something kooky, both Ao and Fleur are too stunned to respond immediately, then don’t get a good chance to ask her about it thanks to the rush of subsequent events”. First the Gazelle gang shows up, making it a bad time to ask her for more detail, then they’re rushing to the flight deck, then Truth shows up and Fleur does her thing, and then even into episode 20 there’s never a good time to stop and ask Elena what she meant.

    With a bit more time in the episode all they’d have to do is throw in the briefest of conversation between Ao and Fleur while they were on the way to her “papa” in the basement — just something acknowledging what Elena said and that Ao or Fleur wants to get the details once the present situation is resolved — but there’s seemingly zero time in the episode to put that in, and thus the reaction to Elena’s latest bomb comes across as (and in fact is!) a bit too weak.

    We get a similar situation with Blanc. Somewhere along the way it’s been implied that he’s only “tolerated” as the leader of GB because he had some secret knowledge about the secrets and how to defeat them and so on; BBW would love to replace him at the earliest opportunity, but can’t for as long as either there’s a real threat from the secrets or they can learn the things only Blanc knows.

    So that’s why he does what he does when he does it: with the secrets essentially gone and the world turning on GB he realizes his leverage is gone, and with it the ability to do anything useful for his daughter. It’s almost certainly not an accident that he made sure the contract would pass on to his daughter in the event of his death and then immediately executed a suicide attack on Truth that would’ve required some advance planning…that was the whole plan the entire time.

    To avoid seeming forced, all the would’ve needed is a line or two here-and-there filling in his motivations a bit more, but there’s seemingly no time to throw it in.

    The original series had such a longer runtime it could usually find time to put in this type of dialog and keep the character motivations grounded in reality. With Ao it seems like the shorter runtime is making it hard for them to find places to throw it in, so it’s being left out, to the show’s detriment.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, can’t wait to see your coverage of 20.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Thanks for the generous comments. I can’t say I’m personally impressed with how I’ve done with this series, but I’ll keep throwing stuff out there.

      I think it’s great how you hit on the head exactly what this show could use. A little more dialog here and there to flesh out this random moments of WTF. We need better reactions to news and events than we are getting now. And with a few lines here or there, it could make all the difference. And that is rooted in this series being half as long. I think the pacing and exposition is thrown off because of it.

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