All You Need is Love-Eureka seveN Episode 18

Eureka Seven AO Elena Love Drives Third Engine

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 17]

Everyone needs a little down time. Some R&R, a break from the fight, rest for the weary. And honestly, for this show, this applies for not only the characters, but us as the viewer as well. We have been on a whirlwind of time travel and time paradoxes with enough confusion to keep us guessing until the end. But this week is a reprieve from that. Which is definitely a good thing. This episode brings us back to the humanity of the situation. Emotions, friendships, and trust. As I know I’m going to be all over the place with this one, I’ll keep it short.

Fleur’s attitude has been very stand offish. She creates barriers between her and those around her. She doesn’t ask questions, she doesn’t talk about her past, and she doesn’t open up to others. She keeps things bottled up. She’s generally not a lot of fun to be around. These actions have hers have put Ao and Elena at a distance. And it’s finally come to a head. With a good bitch slap from Elena, and an emotional slap from Gazelle, she’ finally has to take stock in her emotions, and those around her.

As for Ao, he has reached his emotional end. He runs from his problems to the Americans. he feels he has no one else to turn to, so he goes to those that he thinks will help him pull it together. But as he finds out, the relations there are sterile, filled with contracts and agreements. He tries to explain it away, but, as represented by Noah’s gorging on sweets, there is an emptiness in him that is not being filled. Eureka Seven AO Noah Eating Jelly Beans

Avoiding emotions just isn’t the Eureka Seven way. One thing was made perfectly clear; Love is an essential. The love between Eureka and Renton. The love between Dominic and Anemone. Their love was a driving force to action. And in this episode, in a small part, we finally begin to see it as well. It’s not until the emotions of both Fleur and Elena reach their peak, that Third Engine activates. While it may just be plutonic love for Ao, it’s enough to get things going. Elena and Fleur fly off to take Ao back, with the power of their love driving the IFO’s. Eureka Seven AO IFOs in Flight

And in their actions, two people finally get what they need. Fleur acknowledges her emotions, both for her friends, and for Ao. And Ao feels like he belongs. They acknowledge each other’s feelings. Of course, when the heat of the moment cools down, the Third Engine’s loose their drive. But hopefully, this is a growth moment for the three of them. Ao will finally feel like a part of the team, and will give up his whiney attitude. Maybe Fleur will finally engage in meaningful conversation with Ao and Elena. And maybe Elena will finally have friends she can rely on to figure out who she really is.

In kind of a side note, there is an “End” flag for Episode 22. This either means that the last two episodes will be doubles, or the that they are finding a different time to air them. You  can check out the TV schedule here.

7 thoughts on “All You Need is Love-Eureka seveN Episode 18

  1. megaroad1

    Agree with your point. This series was rather missing a bit interpersonal emotion.

    I was rather surprised how easily Fleur accepted Elena’s confession that she had murdered Miller. I suppose it might come up again in the next couple of chapters.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I think when Elena confessed, Fleur was still slightly oblivious, but on her spiral to an emotional sort of rock bottom. What I would hope in the next few episodes is that we see a more emotional Fleur, to help balance out the crazy Elena

  2. Tzu

    It seems the stage is fully set already for the final battle. The way things are looking, episode 22 may really be the end (last two could be epilogue, ovas, whatever clannad did, or even saved to fix the horrendous ending they have in line for us). Despite all, I can’t help but hope for some more clarifications to the setting.

    You are right this show was missing quite a bit of the power of love the original series had. I totally missed that due to over analyzing the timeline. Also, I totally missed Fleur x Gazelle shipment, completely, I totally thought Fleur was all tsundere for Ao. It seems however that Fleur x Gazelle has already been resolved, and Ao x Naru seems to be going pretty bad, I wonder if I’ll get my Fleur x Ao ending?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I’m a bit worried if things are cut short by 2 episodes. There’s already an OVA planned for this month, so I don’t know what they have planned. There are plenty of ships to be had with these characters, and how that plays will probably decide how this show ends, much like the original series.


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