Ripples in the Pond–Eureka seveN AO Episode 17

Eureka Seven AO Elena Fleur Manga Photo Shoot

[Eureka seveN AO Episode 16]

With every action, there is an equal, and opposite reaction. One of the fundamental laws of physics, it defines that no action happens without affecting something else. And is Ao finds out, his Scub Coral bazooka (or Quartz Gun as Gen Bleu calls it) not only destroys Secrets, but reaches through time to affect past events. With the inclusion of just this one element, this show has gone from being a sort of battle between Scub, Secret, and Human, to that of how can Ao restore the timeline. Wonderful.

Eureka Seven AO Johanssons Book

The affects on the timeline have begun to weigh on everyone’s mind. But especially with Ao. This currently ripple and alternate time line were created by him and his use of the Quartz Gun. In his mind, he as removed Team Goldilocks from the timeline. And in his despair, he turns to Gazelle and company. And in their conversation, we get our first real introduction to Johansson’s book. Johansson is a (presumed) scientist that found Truth as a child in the aftermath of the first human versus Secret fight on the Scub near Iwato Island. As we saw in Episode 13, Truth appears to be a Secret that was enveloped by Scub material, forming Naru’s Sea Monster/and the humanoid looking Truth. Johansson takes in Truth, and from the knowledge held in Truth’s head, he writes a book. This book describes the affect the Scub have had on the history of Earth. Their arrival alters the time line, presumably the timeline that forms the basis for the original series. What Ao finally realizes is that he hasn’t destroyed the members of Team Goldilocks, but that they living lives where the Scub Coral did not cause them changes.

Eureka Seven AO Johannson and child Truth

As Ao has to see this for himself, he rushes off to Ireland to see first hand that they are alright. During his side mission we’re presented again with an interesting conversation. Georg is not the same anymore. Since the interface to the Secret occurred, he periodically loses himself, and it appears that Generation Bleu, including Ao, are actually interfacing with the Secret, whether they realize it or not. This interface could be very useful later, should Ao and the Secrets goals both align.

Eureka Seven AO McCaffrey in Ireland

As for Ao, his role in history and the future is calling him. While Pied Piper goes back to retrieving the quartz from the newly reactivated Scub Coral, the new Quartz Gun reactivates on its own. It’s hunger is for the quartz heart, and it forces the Nirvash to retrieve it, despite the local authorities resistance. And once it has retrieved it, no other than Truth shows up. In the confrontation, Eureka (Ao’s mother, not the one that returned) crosses the timeline to talk with Ao. She describes the Scub as being living in both Space and Time (look up the space time continuum), which is why they randomly appear and different points in time in the past earth. And when she jumped with the quartz crystal, she was lost in time.

Eureka Seven AO Ao Eurkea Talk in Nirvash Underwater

In seeing his mother, he’s one again driven to action, this time to save her from the limbo of time. But as goes to pull the trigger, which would kill Truth, and probably destroy the Scub Coral, the weight of changing the timeline again ways on him and he can’t do it. A big decision to make as a 13 year old, and he can’t do it. And maybe that’s a good thing. It’s probably not wise to go about changing the past without a plan.

Eureka Seven AO Nirvash Ao Quartz Gun

In watching this episode, it is clear that as a child of the Scub, if anything certain, it is looking like Ao cannot escape his fate as some sort of guardian of the timeline.

And now my speculation for the week. Here are my thoughts on how the timelines have played out between the original series, and the present. Think I’m close?

Eureka Seven AO Timeline

18 thoughts on “Ripples in the Pond–Eureka seveN AO Episode 17

  1. Reid

    What you’ve done by reviewing this series turned out to be quite the task, didn’t it? I applaud your efforts, sir. Who would have thought Eurka SeveN would turn into this time-travely mess? Thanks for that chart, by the way. It helps me to get a better sense of what’s going on.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I love Sci-Fi, but writing about show that leaves you a little mentally drained each week is hard. Thanks for the support! The chart is pure speculation, but it seems to fit into what we know to this point.

      1. Reid

        Exactly. I followed the show up until the time travel shenanigans started, but I guess now I’ll have to finish it off…maybe. I think I’m going to wait to see how it ends, so you can’t give up on the reviews before the end!

  2. sadakups


    Seriously though, it’s like Fringe now – one man’s actions (or this case, Eureka and Ao), basically paved way for creating an alternate universe.

    I wish Truth dies a horrible death. And I hope Naru does too.

    1. franzferdinand93

      i agree with the last opinion, I too want to see Truth and Naru die a horrible death. I dont know if its just me, but i’m hating the fact that Naru is using the original Nirvash just sort of pisses me off, but that’s just me. As for the name Renton it has already been mentioned a couple of times in the previous episodes.

  3. zetatrain

    And here I was thinking I was the only one who was able to make some kind of sense out of all this time travel stuff. Nice diagram by the way, a lot less complicated than the one I made to explain what was going on to a friend of mine.

  4. donkangoljones Post author

    I’m glad to see that the series is slowly starting to untangle its own web. It’s spent a good 4 months turning the series timeline into a mess so tangled you’d think it was a pair of earbuds shoved into someone’s pocket.

    This quartz gun reminds me a bit of sword named Samehada. It’s pretty greedy and uncontrollable. But hopefully doesn’t have the same side effects. And it reminds me of the AGE system from Gundam AGE in that it’s literally a plot device.

  5. megaroad1

    Your chart is spot on as far as I can understand this series. It really helps to put things into context. I applaud your effort.

    I wonder how Elena fits in all of this timeline business. She did say to Ao in this chapter that she understood what he was going through so I’m guessing she’s been through a timeline conundrum of her own. Someone who lost her family though a change in timelines caused by Eureka perhaps?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Thanks! I’ve responded to your question below about my thoughts on Elena. I think she’s an alternate timeline child of Eureka, or something like that.

  6. JoeAnimated Post author

    So, my theory on Elena:
    In one timeline, Eureka becomes pregnant with a son. She travels back into the past, and he’s born in the ‘current’ timeline, and named Ao. In an alternate timeline, Eureka becomes pregnant with a girl, instead of a boy. This is the Eureka we met, that was trapped inside the Scub that popped up in space a few episodes back. She returns to her normal time, and Elena is born. At some point in the future, Elena is by accident brought back to the past.Thoughts?

    1. megaroad1

      Sounds pretty plausible to me. Otherwise they wouldn’t have made so much of a deal about it being a girl. It wouldn’t really explain her strange connection to Miller the singer though.

    2. sadakups

      Yes, very plausible.

      Actually ever since that episode where Eureka tells Ao that the child she’s carrying is not a boy, I already had guessed that Elena was that child, considering how hostile Elena is to Eureka.

  7. r042

    I really like the Quartz Gun reveal, it’s predictable time-travel stuff but E7AO seems to be handling it all quite well. Yes it’s not entirely clear what’s going on but I see this as a good sort of confusion – the characters are also bewildered.

    The whole thing of sentient guns, messages from space and all that makes this quite Ideon-like.

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  9. foshizzel

    Dam it Ao! I wanted him to nuke Truth with the Quartz Cannon! WHY! Just kidding I have a feeling if he did that Truth would go to another world and screw everything up, but this episode was basically the characters finally realizing DERP TIME LINES DERP which most of us blogging this series already were thinking since the second or third episodes.

    At least team goldilocks can stop suffering all the time right? I guess that is a positive! I just want to see freaking Renton already! HURRY UP! Then again I bet he pops up in one episode >.>


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