Anime Talk Episode 17 – Video

Anime Talk Episode 17 Guests

I swear I’m a glutton for punishment to let these four characters on my show. This week was Idolmaster themed, staring:

  • Aeroblip (@aeroblip) of the Friday Anime Podcast at Desu ex Machina
  • Numbers (@numberss_) of Numbers and Space
  • kevo (@kevo31415) of Desu ex Machina () and the Nihon Review
  • Summer Satellite (@NatsuNoSatelite) of the blog Anime is Life?
  • We discussed: What our favorite anime adapted from something other than a manga or VN, franchise spin-offs, What your perfect ido would be, and are character flaws used to heavily in anime. Of course, all answers were focused on the Idolmaster franchise.

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