The Timeline Marty!-Eureka seveN AO Episode 16

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[Eureka Seven AO Episode 15]

They finally did it. As I mentioned before, I hate shows that involve time travel. It’s a plot device that, when done poorly, only leads to confusion. And  the moment Bones started to use it, I knew this could end terribly. This week brings more confusion in the AO universe, and of course, it all revolves around time travel.

Time paradoxes suck. Once that can of worms is opened, you begin to question every moment you’ve watched up to that point. You wonder what timeline you’re in, did it really happen, and fundamentally, what is actually true. If everything I just watched a lie? What was the point?

To make the point, Bones went to an extreme. They spend most of this episode making sure we pay attention to team Goldilocks. They show Chloe spying on a conversation about the coral. They remind us multiple times that two of the members (and sisters) live in the vicinity of a formally dead Scub burst. They make the “death flag” so obvious that we’re expecting something to happen. And it makes some sense. Goldilocks is the second team, the team that will be missed the least, but just enough to make a point. And it wouldn’t be good drama if the loli didn’t disappear, only to be saved later.


But how do our other characters fit into all of this? As we see, Naru is using an earlier version of the Nirvash to fight Secrets. And as Gen Bleu’s plan unfurls, we see Truth come unglued and begin to attack the capsule.  But he doesn’t attack it directly. He uses missiles from Russia to do his dirty work. In this case, and at other moments, we find that when a Scub Coral is active, Truth does not come in direct contact with it. With his power, he could have easily destroy the Scub Crystal capsule, but he avoids it. He is always using a proxy to do his dirty work when it comes to Secrets and Scubs.

As for AO, he is reaching his limit. The head games brought on by the words of his mother. The stress of trying to figure out whether he should fight Secrets or Scub. The prophetical dreams when he does manage to sleep. He is at a breaking point. The world he lives in is falling apart around him, and his actions are only pushing things more out of reach.[gg]_EUREKA_SEVEN_AO_-_16_[F9738EBD].mkv-00_21_33-00002

At least in next week’s preview, we finally tackle the mysterious book that supposedly has all the answers. That might be good, since the rest of the show doesn’t seem to offer any. Because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

marty future doc


Everything in this episode leading up to the confusion with Team Goldilocks disappearing was rather good. I really got into it, then fuck. Shit like this makes me remember all the things I dislike instead of just letting me appreciate how organic the global effort in support of the operation played out. Instead, I now just really want to nitpick at how wasted the humanoid form is in this show.

The Secrets and the IFOs are humanoid giant robots. Well, at least the final or most recent crowd of secrets are — shout-outs to Gurren Lagann. But given how the show portrays combat, there is little to no point for the humanoid form. This is worse than RahXephon. While I do think that the humanoid form is the best form to watch in action, but the thing is, there has to be action!

The limbs must be dynamic, the body must move like a human. In this episode you basically see the secrets just float/fly completely inert. They let their force fields stop the conventional weapons, then just inertly fire their bendy homing lasers. This is a total waste of mecha design… A TOTAL WASTE.

Basically, they’re just flying saucers — which would have been the perfect design given the range of motion and the ability to fire from all points. Well, there is no point.

30 thoughts on “The Timeline Marty!-Eureka seveN AO Episode 16

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  2. Reid

    Glad Char’s here to keep things in perspective. I think I said that same sentence before…deja vu? OR TIME PARADOX?! Who knows? Who will survive? Who cares?

  3. donkangoljones Post author

    I have no choice but to shrug at this point. I haven’t been this confused since I picked up Higurashi.

    I’m beginning to think Ghost doesn’t like RahXephon, or at least the designs. Which I think you’re missing the point somewhat with them, since their less mecha and more like floating singing statues for the most part. I think you’re being a bit harsh on that series.

    And finally, LULz to the Angels laughing at the Secrets with their generic, lifeless designs. I don’t blame them. And LULz to Char. To think, THE loli for this show wasn’t even real. Ha!

    1. Myssa Rei

      The preview suggests that Chloe and her sister are very real. However without the scub burst in the town their family eventually tranferred to, they never got exposed to trapar, and without it messing with their brains, they didn’t get chosen as pilots.

    2. JoeAnimated Post author

      Somehow, they’re going to tie this all together. But it feels like, that in the meantime, they are flying by the seat of their pants and throwing shit to the wind to see if it will stick.

  4. r042

    I liked this episode, I really did. Yes, the plot is getting remarkably convoluted but it’s still holding my interest just because I think the payoff is going to be quite special.

    I’m probably wrong, but never mind that.

  5. sadakups

    “As for AO, he is reaching his limit.”

    So do I. But I don’t want to stop watching the show despite how ridiculously confusing shit has been. Not a good way to go after a hiatus. Still, I’d like to believe that it will make sense later on, but when time travel comes to the plot (which the Japanese love so damn much, just look at some shows), I just don’t feel it yet.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      That is the big thing, if an effort to add some complexity to the show, they are starting to alienate us. At this point in the original, I was cheering everyone on. There are points here where I’m just yawning.

  6. megaroad1

    So now are we going to have an alternate timelines kind of problematique? This would explain the discrepancies between the different Eureka’s and some of the the other stuff thats been happening but it’s pretty confusing as you say. I really hope the book next episode is as informative as advertised.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      If we are dealing with an altered timeline in the past, then every time Eureka comes back changes something in the future. That would mean all kinds of trouble and confusion, to the point that Ao might never have been born, and etc. Clusterfuck.

  7. Tzu

    I have to agree with Ghosty here in that the episode was very good until team Goldilocks disappeared. This is a science fiction show, therefore everything must be explained. I hope bones has their writers working double time to make something that matches all lose ends; otherwise, we are just gonna get a multiverse ending which will disappoint greatly. The one thing I like of this mess is that we feel at least as confused as Ao himself, the moment the chief asked Ao what that weapon was I was just about to cry from too much confusion. At this rate the last episode will feature Eureka waking up and telling Renton she just had the weirdest dream.

    Anyways…. useless speculation time! In the previous series, what had a human form, unexplainable origin, intelligence and terrible communication skills? Extra clue: they were all buried in the coral as if defeated by it.
    I would love to see a relation between the LFOs and the secrets.

    One thing I know, it may be a far bet, but if everything is appropriately explained, then this series will be awesome.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      If this show ties up every loose end, pulls the character stories together, and reunites Ao with Renton and Eureka, then I will celebrate. Anything short of that is a near failure.

  8. foshizzel


    The episode was kind of easy to follow for the most part, but the ending surprised me a lot and it looks like being on team Goldilocks is pretty much full on suffering! They always get freaking owned all the time. I guess team Goldilocks is super important to the overall story? Either that or they are just around because of the suffering >.>

    Ah well finally the series is back! HOORAAAY!! And now more questions ahahah

      1. jonas

        Maybe this series is about dealing with the changes in the original Eureka Seven ending, kind of like how the Scarlet Witch powers change reality by altering the past.

        Also is it me, or Ao´s Eureka behaves like her Pocketful of Rainbows version (while having the same past as her series version)?

  9. jackiecomelately

    I think my head is starting to hurt from all those damn mind screws. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this series, but can Bones make this series any less confusing. At this rate, Neon Genesis Evangelion will no longer be the biggest mind-screw in anime history 😛

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      It will be hard to top Eva. That show messes with people on all kinds of levels. And generally speaking, the kids in that show are far more messed up that this.

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