When Worlds Collide-Eureka seveN AO Episode 14

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[Eureka seveN Ao Episode 13]

Shock and awe. An old military term, that aptly applies to the last three weeks. Like a Blitzkrieg, it has been a rolled through the audience with hit after hit of revelation and hints.  This week caps off attack, as the conclusion to the appearance of Eureka and the fight with Truth comes to an end.

These last three episodes have been enlightening to us as a viewer. The correlations between timelines and people have become much clearer. But something more was done. When you also add in Elena’s episode, something bigger appears. This becomes a revelation of the truth of who Ao, and possibly Elena, really are. Elena’s association to Eureka has been a hanging question. And in a simple comment of “I’m having a girl”, do things start to fall together and apart at the same time. If we consider that the time line is linear without divergence, then Ao may not be Eureka’s first child. And if not, where is his sister? What if Elena is that sister? In a way, it makes sense in an anime sort of world. One child, when abandoned, grows up in foster care, hating their parents. The other, while also being left, grows up in a loving environment with a good friend. The attitudes by Ao and Elena fit into that meme.

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And as if the shock of meeting his mother isn’t enough, a newfound messenger Naru continues to open his eyes. Her bonding with the Scub Coral provides a voice for the intelligent being that it is. And in this episode, that voice gives Ao an origin story he doesn’t understand. He’s relation to the very things that he works to dismantle. All he can think of is this makes him a monster, unknowing that he (probably) is half human.

Ao is searching. With everything that is going on, his place in this world is uncertain. The mother he thought he knew and the mother he just met, while being the same, is not what he expected. His best friend has chosen a path that he thinks counteracts his own. And the enemies that his has been fighting may not be his enemies at all. His world is slowly collapsing.

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A time is coming in this show when the future and present will collide in an epic conclusion. Those in  the future working to save the Scub Coral. Those in the present trying to destroy it. And those caught in middle just trying to hold it all together. As much as been reveled to us, there is still so much to be unsure of. And with a new opening  teasing us with an image of what could be Renton, Bones seems to be saving the best stuff for last.


Deep down, I think I know what’s going on in this show (i.e. I can follow the story), but I sure know I’ll sound stupid trying to describe or explain it. I’m hooked, but the fish also knows what’s waiting for it in the surface yes?


27 thoughts on “When Worlds Collide-Eureka seveN AO Episode 14

  1. sadakups

    Let me get this out of the way: the new OP – both the song and the sequence itself tried hard to resemble Days from the first Eureka Seven. And I knew Char had so much fun watching naked Naru.

    As for the episode though, the revelation that Eureka had another kid was just as mind boggling as Ao was when he heard it. I won’t be surprised if Elena was Ao’s sibling, considering that, unlike Ao, she resents Eureka “leaving”, but I just find it weird that if indeed that she is Eureka’s kid, why would she try to kill her?

    I just don’t understand why Truth had his hands on the typeZERO (is it what it’s still called in the AO universe?) and why Naru started piloting it. I mean, Naru is a mess to me right now.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      If there really has been multiple time jumps from the future, that TypeZERO could be left over from any one of them. Naru is a complete mess. The wild card to this whole show.

  2. Shining_Bard

    So when will Ao’s Nirvash go Spec 3 on us? That has to happen at some point. Heck I want to see Renton and Ao be a more kid friendly Flit and Kio in this series.

  3. bumphgb

    I was kind of hoping Ao would go back to the future with young Eureka and see what was to happen to the world first hand, it would definitely be quicker than having the now some what annoying Naru explain it in far too complicated a way for him to understand.

      1. bumphgb

        Nah, cos at some point Eureka would have to go back and leave him there as an infant. I’m sure they would also find a way to send him back as well to fix things (probably).

  4. r042

    My prediction – Ao’s Nirvash “evolves” into pink Nirvash (ala E7 s1, gets Seventh Swell, Buster Beam and so on), Eureka’s Nirvash stays as it is, gets Renton back (now with Adroc-style moustache), TRUSU gets fat Cybuster movie nirvash.

    Worst case scenario: Movie Holland and Talho turn up.

    Best case scenario: TRUSU turns into Dewey just for fanservice moment.

    1. SQA

      Shipper’s best case scenario; Movie Dominic & Anemone show up.


      But, I don’t think any of the movie characters are showing up. Just saying. Though it just dawned on me that Elena could be from that continuity…

      1. r042

        All that makes me think the movie is involved in some way was the sight of Spec V in the OP and the whole thing about alternate worlds, weird timelines and so on.

    2. JoeAnimated Post author

      If all these time skips are creating alternate time lines that Eureka is coming back from, than this show will reach a confusing level of stupidity.

  5. megaroad1

    Nice writeup Joe, I hadn’t thought of the possibility of Elena being Eureka’s kid until you brought it up. Ao having a sister opens up a whole lot of other possibilities for this story.
    I sort of intellectually get why Naru is acting the way she is, but boy did they make her a character that’s hard to empathize with. I don’t know maybe that’s the point? In any case, she sure could have expressed herself to Ao in a better way to get him to come along.

    1. bumphgb

      I think they’ve messed up quite badly with Naru, she’s gone incredibly cold towards Ao at a time when you’d think she would be over the moon about finding out more about herself.

    2. JoeAnimated Post author

      Once she reveled it was a girl, it seemed to make sense. Especially when they devoted an entire episode to Elena, and her search for self. As for Naru, there must be a reason for the coldness, but as to the why, I don’t know.

      1. jonas

        To me, Naru is like a college freshman, (in her mind) she has seen the world, and now she knows that she can do more than being just Ao´s girlfriend.

        “I wanted to fly with you, not just be embraced by you”.
        Naru is at the moment more interested in the world that Truth offers her, than in Ao´s affection.

        That reminds me alot of the relationship between Anemone, Dominic and Dewey. Which is funny because at least Dewey knew what was going on, while the Truth seems to be making things up as he goes.

        1. JoeAnimated Post author

          The parallels to Dewey have come up on other blogs. It makes me wonder more and more how the plot lines in this show parallel to the original.

  6. donkangoljones Post author

    This is a fun watch. But this feels like a mess to me, too. Now I’m left to figure out whether we’re working with a difference in time, or in dimensions, too. Because things seem a bit skewed, or there’s not quite enough to determine. It still doesn’t give me quite the same headache E7 did though.

    I think Truth, Naru and Ao are going to (or already have) represent the different views on the Scub Corals and their place on Earth. It will be interesting to see if the three of them ever see eye to eye together. I’d like to believe there’s some humanity in Truth.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      yeah, dimensions and time travel is a ‘great’ way to keep the viewer guessing. Looking at those three as the opposing viewpoints is an interesting thought, and maybe that’s what they are going for.

  7. foshizzel

    “I’m having a girl” — That comment was like WHHHAT? If she is having a girl then who is it? I wouldn’t mind if Elena were Ao’s long lost sister because it would fit and possibly explain why she went all I WILL KILL YOU! Mode on Eureka of course that Eureka could be from another time/world or whatever you want to use or Naru’s mother like I saw on another blog xD

    I did a video on the opening, but I think any Eureka Seven fan can easily pick them out hahahah

    Anyway great episode filled with new questions ❤

  8. Tzu

    I never accounted for Ao to have a sister, that changes everything since it means that after giving birth she must have gone back to Renton (not necessarily in the future) to, well, make more kids. Elena is my first candidate of course, since she is the only one whose age coincides (15 years vs 13 years Ao has) I thought about Naru as a candidate as well for a moment, but she is 13 and doesn’t look like a twin. Also her hair color is too normal. An unknown character is also a posibility but that would be cheap and we don’t have that much episodes to waste (they did it with Renton’s sister once thou). The thing with Elena is that, first she is too crazy, second, there was some talk about enhanced humans or something, and third she doesn’t look like Eureka or Renton at all. Ao is the split image of her mother, but Elena looks like a foreigner.

    Now, in regards to Naru, I can’t seem to figure what her relationship is with Ao. Sure, we shipped her with him from the start, but they both are kind of cold to each other. Not cold as a married couple fighting, but naturally cold; like “Hey, good to see you are not dead.” “Yeah, you too.”

  9. JoeAnimated Post author

    Elena is crazy, but wouldn’t you be if you were left in a strange world with no family and no idea what to do? And it wasn’t so much as being enhanced, as it was being exposed to trapar particles for long periods of time. You’re right, she looks nothing like them, but she may be more human than coralian, and that might be enough. The relationship with Naru is all but lost. But it won’t be without a purpose in the end.

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