Not Part of This World – Erueka seveN AO Episode 12

Eureka Seven Ao Ivica Hit in Face[Eureka seveN AO Episode 11]

Eureka Seven Astral Ocean has been constantly throwing the idea of Seeking the Truth at us each week. From the direct name of the arch nemesis Truth, to Gazelle’s role as an investigator, Bones makes this into a detective mystery as much as it is a science fiction. Ironically, the person who needs the benefit of more facts, is the one person being kept in the dark on a consistent basis, only being spoon fed a little at a time. We as the viewer are being drawn into the reveling of the mystery one little bit at a time, as our “detectives” begin to find the truth one piece at a time.

Recently, I read a great post by AJ at Altair and Vega. The post was a break down of the elements of a mystery and problem solving in detective fiction, as found in Hyouka. While this show is no where near the same format, we as a viewer are being drawn in the same way. Each week, we are given a few more facts, as we, along with Ao, haphazardly begin to understand what’s going on. Bones is carefully leading us down a guided path of discovery, playing with us, letting us put the pieces together. And is with any detective novel, the end should make for a big revel that will pull it all together.

Our detective, Ao, is having a difficult time putting the facts together. I wouldn’t call it a conspiracy, but it appears that the people around him are purposely not telling him things. The only ones willing to be honest, are the kids. This week, fellow pilots on Generation Bleu’s space station bluntly call him “Alien”, aware of Ao’s origins, and unafraid of what that means. This forces the adults, the ones responsible for the information, to  reveal a little bit more. Ao discovers that Eureka’s origins in the Scub Coral burst, which only enforces in his mind how different he really is.

Eureka Seven AO Discussing Ao

Eureka’s emergence from the Scub Coral light burst, and the appearance of the Gekko-Go from inside the Scub itself, brings a serious question: Is this the same Earth as the original series? The Scub is acting as some sort of dimensional bridge, bringing people and objects from it’s past, to this new present. We know from the original series that the Scub is a higher life form, intelligent and calculation. But what truth about this is there to revel?  Eureka Seven AO Naru on Coral Plant

In step with Ao as he discovers the truth about himself is Naru, who bonding with the Scub, only increases. The burst that left her with a lung condition, also planted a piece of Scub in her. And in the presence of a Coral Plant, her body finds a sort of harmony. Her breathing goes away, and she finds a sort of peace about things. In her own words, being with Truth “lifts a weight off her chest”. In both a literal and figurative way, both the person, and the knowledge she learns, is changing her perception about the world.

This episode brings us one big step closer to solving the mystery, and finding the truth ourselves. Hopefully, we can avoid grasping at smoke as we get closer to the end.

Eureka Seven AO Truth Grasping at Smoke



Too bad these fools can’t appreciate a good thing. Why do I bother:

Eureka seveN Astral Ocean References

26 thoughts on “Not Part of This World – Erueka seveN AO Episode 12

  1. sadakups

    I also fucking lost it like ghosty did when I saw the Gekko-Go, typeZERO and Eureka. It’s like all the things happening in the AO universe felt irrelevant when I saw those three. Now either this is just an illusion to fuck things up or they’re the real deal.

    Seriously though, that theory of the AO universe being another world apart from the original E7 world now holds weight after this episode.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Seeing the Gekko-Go, in it’s end of E7 config, was off the chart. Yeah, we’re dealing with some sort of time and dimension stuff that is really going to mess with out heads.

  2. Tzu

    This just keeps getting better and better!!! That was no eureka of an alternate dimension or whatever, that was our eureka, and for god’s sake our gekko. It is confusing as hell but so cool, I don’t mind getting my mind blown like this every week.

    This show has everything, multiple realities, time travel, mother and son using two instances of the same robot to surf an airship for atmospheric entry… what am I going to do for a whole week ’till episode 13 comes out?

    1. sadakups

      Well, you gotta be cautious seeing that Eureka looked like she did not age AND she did not even recognize her own son. Not to mention that Truth is behind all of that.

    2. JoeAnimated Post author

      Time skip, multiple dimensions, and with Eureka possibly being pregnant, maybe even multiple copies of the same person. Bones really has done it in two episodes.

  3. foshizzel


    Yeah there is something going on that the “adults” are not telling Ao and how the new pilots and “Mama” are now calling him an alien? I suppose that is correct because Eureka is from another planet, but I think we might be dealing with alternate timeline again. I say that because this new Eureka looks like Ao’s age in terms of looks and she didn’t really know who he was at first glance, but yeah anime age rarely plays a dramatic role in my mind just look at any shounen series! Ichigo from bleach is technically only “15” HA YEAH RIGHT!

    Anyway yeah we are dealing with either a alternate timeline or like you said Joe the Scub Corals act like “gates” to another universe or the original eureka seven world? I know a handful of people out there that hate the whole idea of an “alternate world” or timeline related theories. I know I can’t be the only person that thinks they are doing something with that idea…

    BEST MOMENT?! THE DAMN GEKKO STATE SHIP APPEARING OOOOOOH YES! That was the best I can’t wait to see what else the decide to pull from the original series, but I wanted to see a older Renton step out of the original Nirvosh and look something like Flint from Gundam AGE? YES WE NEED THAT.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Alternate or parallel worlds and dimensions play into this somehow, and who knows. That last clip of Eureka throws everything into question. And she looks pregnant! So hard to wait for next week.

  4. Shining_Bard

    I’m expecting Renton to come and Chuck Norris reality into stability with the power of love and bonds.

  5. franz_ferdinand93

    this episode literally brought tears to my eyes. never has an anime brought so much emotion out of me. i was speechless i cannot explain into word what i felt. BEST EPISODE EVER. (not counting the original 50 eps because they where all my favorites)

  6. franz_ferdinand93

    oh almost forgot to mention pause the video @ 22 min when eureka gets out and u see her belly and ao. shes pregnant… totally look at it carefully

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      yeah, her being pregnant makes this a whole new twist. Are they the same? Was a duplicate pulled into this world at the same interval as the previous Eureka? Another week of painful waiting!

      1. franz_ferdinand93

        i have a question is the gekko empty? i looked lonely as if no one was on board, but if you notice when it lands it turns to the right as if someone steered it.

  7. megaroad1

    Got goosebumps when the Gekko burst out of the Scub Coral. Best moment so far (yeah nostalgia is a bitch!).

    I was a bit surprised by Eureka’s reaction to seeing Ao. Any chance this Eureka whilst authentic, is not actually Ao’s mother? I mean some sort of time/or dimension paradox were Eureka has done different things in different dimensions? Or maybe it’s a curveball from the Truth and it’s just an elaborate ruse to mess with Ao or get him to defect?

    Anyway, this series just got a bit better in my book.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      SQAs comment below eludes to a similar thought about Eureka. With the Coralian’s abilities, they could be replicating her. Next week should be enlightening

  8. SQA

    I loved this post, btw. I had a solid 5 minutes of geek-out over the end of this episode. But I’m also a really big E7 TV fan. (I even liked the movie!)

    As for the world, our information still falls in line with this being a sequel for the Scub Coral, not our E7 TV main characters. In canon there are multiple worlds, and that was actually a big part of the final conclusion to the series. That should be expected.

    What we don’t know is what version of Eureka this is. Remember, the Scub Coral created her in the first place, it’s quite capable of making “another” or a “copy”. Which would explain the lack of wings. Yet, at the same time, this could be a different Eureka yet also “our” Eureka. Ah, the joys of being able to replicate things. 🙂

    I’m still firmly in the camp that this is a parallel world story, like the movie, rather than a time-travel story (i.e. this is the E7 TV world 12k+ years before the original series) but a lot of that is still up in the air. What we do know is that the E7 TV series did “happen” somewhere/sometime.

    Oh, and I’d be remiss for not mentioning this again. The picture of Eureka in the OP is composed to have someone on the right-side of the Moon. Someone else is still going to show up in that picture. Who, I don’t know. (Renton is the obvious choice, but that assumes most of our main players survive for a while longer)

    1. JoeAnimated

      Thanks, Glad you liked the post.
      With the Coralian’s abilities, they could be replicating her. That makes for an interesting thought.

      Yeah, the parallel theory holds out much better than it being a different point in time in the same world. But who knows, it is Bones after all.

      Early on, dine noticed the same thing in the OP. I don’t think it will be Renton, but what a shock that would be.

  9. r042

    This was great, but you know what would have made it better? Storywriter playing with the Gekko reveal. A sort of reverse of the amazing bit in the original series where it goes into space, and you get the synth “hits” during the buildup to the launch.

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