What is going on?(Truth is stranger than fiction or, Acperience 4)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 7

Eureak Seven AO Truth and Microphone

[Can’t Stop Going(when Truth is out there)]

To be honest, this episode left me a little lost for words. There was so much happening, with a sense of explanation and exposition. I really didn’t know where to begin. This episode begins at the moment the last one left off, with Truth walking into Generation Bleu headquarters. As was made apparent in the last episode, his power is like nothing seen yet, and Generation Bleu can do nothing to stop him. But what is he doing there, and what his he searching for? This episode takes us down the rabbit hole further.

Truth is powerful. He is dismantling every set of guards sent to stop him. He methodically words his way through the different levels and areas. But for what reason? We know from the last episode that he recognizes the Nirvash, but he’s in no rush to find it. As he works his way through the levels he crashes into a pop band that was going to perform. He welcomes everyone to his live show, “The Ball”. Without a thought, he wipes out everyone but the lead singer, Miller. Truth spares her life, indicating she will be some sort of witness to what is going on. And Miller also has her own agenda, as she appears to have been spying on Generation Bleu, and knows something about their operation. Looks like we’re adding one more character to every growing weave of plot lines.

Eureka Seven Ao Miller

Eventually, Truth makes it to the docking port where the Nirvash is being prepped. And it seems like his objective has been met. And here, he encounters Ao as well. But it appears that Truth didn’t know everything. He recognizes the machine, but not the name Nirvash. He knows that Eureka was its’ pilot, but not that Ao is her son. Truth may be powerful, but his knowledge is limited in some aspects. As Ao tries to escape with the Nirvash, Truth attacks Ao, by transforming into a giant black “ghost”, and this is where things get really interesting.

Eureka Seven AO Truth Black Monster

The story immediately shifts to post Scub Coral burst Okinawa. here, the beginning of a new wave of prosperity is beginning. With the remnants of the Scub Coral comes a new resource to mine and sell, bringing jobs. And with this wealth, those that were for independence now find themselves with something else to do. And we also find Naru. She is finding herself continually drawn to the site. As she leaves after being shooed away, she runs into Ao. Surprised at seeing him, the continue back to the mine. During an intimate moment with “Ao”, were she finds herself breathing normally, the real Ao appears, and Truth is revealed to be the imposter. Finding some interest in her, he grabs her and flu’s away with her, leaving a confused Naru behind once he’s clear. By now the chase is on, as Ao and the Nirvash go after Truth, with Naru forcing the passer-by Gazelle to go as well.

Eureka Seven AO Truth and Naru

During this the chase and combat, Truth revels his dark side again, trigger a deep memory in Naru, we see that Truth may have been present during the Scub burst on Okinawa in the past, and may have even shielded Naru from it’s effects. In an insane moment, she launcher her self out of Gazelle’s FP, free-falling to the ground. Rejecting Ao’s help, she hears a voice inside, and will’s herself to “fly” on the trapars for a brief moment. This moment, combined with the scene at the Scub mine, give’s Naru’s involvement to more than just the childhood friend, but to something of a supernatural being. Just what is going on with her? As the scene ends, Truth goes to Naru, and she runs off with him in a Scub burst like light, rejecting Ao’s attempt to bring her back. In that moment, Ao wakes from a sleep in the hospital, attended by Fleur and Elena. As they explain that he’s been asleep for three days after chasing Truth, he thinks it all a dream. But he is coldly brought back by the news that Naru is missing in the news. There is nothing but confusion and disbelief on his face.

Eureka Seven AO Naru can Fly

And time to take a breath and look at what has gone on. The second half of this episode drops so many new things on us, that it’s overwhelming. Let’s speculate and throw some questions out.

The art style of this show is consistent in the second half, using grey shaded scenes to indicate some sort of memory or dream. But as we see in the disappearance of Naru, that this wasn’t a dream but reality. Truth had brought Ao with him as he investigates her. He’s displays god like abilities, without the knowledge that goes with it. Just what is he?

Naru is not a normal human anymore. Her involvement with the Scub burst has changed her, but into what? It’s almost as if she is now more like Truth in nature, than human. How this plays out should be more than interesting.

How does Truth know Eureka and the Nirvash? It seems he doesn’t know here name, but is fully aware of her. So in the same Scub burst that changed Naru, and Eureka charged into, we have Truth and his dark side doing whatever it does. And with his Scub burst light mode, does that make him  sentient form of the Scub?

And lastly, what is so important at the bottom of the Generation Bleu base that makes Bleu do everything to pr0tect it, and have everyone wanting to get at it? From the last blurry picture, it looks like another IFO, maybe even a second “Nirvash”. The scene were Gen Bleu’s second in command begins to give orders, we also see an alternate chain of command that Rebekah responds to. Maybe the head of Gen Bleu wont be the evil one after all?

Well, that ends my brain dump. What do you all think? Was this as crazy for you as it was for me? What does our panel have to say this week.


In Psalm of Planets Eureka SeveN, the 12th episode featured a showdown between the twin Nirvashes: Type Zero vs. The End. Weird shit happened especially after The End’s energy/psychic attack (VAAASCUUUUUDE CRIIIIIIIIIIISIS), and Renton Thurston started having weird/psychedelic visions in a dream-like state.

This is the reference here in AO episode 7 (no coincidence that it’s the 7th episode): 2 Nirvashes; Mark 1 is to Type Zero vs. The Truth is to The End. There’s more, sick girl substance depended Naru is to sick girl psycho druggie Anemone.

This is Eureka SeveN; there’s no ESCAAAAAAAPE from remembering love.

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22 thoughts on “What is going on?(Truth is stranger than fiction or, Acperience 4)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 7

  1. Myst

    Actually, I don’t think Miller is a new character. I’m pretty sure that Miller is actually Elena’s idol appearance and name. They look the same and share the same voice actor so I will honestly be surprised if it turns out that she isn’t.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Ghost and i were talking about this as I was finishing this up. I thought that when I heard her voice, but didn’t see Miller’s name and VA listed when I did a quick check. Of that’s the case, it makes sense now.

    2. SQA

      Add in Elena changing and they couldn’t get a hold of her, it would make sense. They said, I think in ep 2, that she was an “idol”.

  2. SQA

    Enzo pointed out that the grainy image definitely looks a lot like theEND. Which definitely goes with what is going on. It would also explain the reason for female, child pilots in GenBleu. They’re using theEND has a central computer for the IFOs, maybe.

    Though my mistake was I forgot that, at E7 TV end, theEND was white and not black. They’ve been very careful to use Ep 50 end states of everything in AO. Got to be mindful of that. 🙂

    They were definitely inverting much of the Ray & Charles arc in this episode. Right down to closing a dead man’s eyes. Which probably isn’t a bad thing. It sets the series apart from the original and it also says they’re not going to, hopefully, get stuck in the rut the first series was in until the Ray & Charles arc.

  3. ces06

    I have nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo idea what’s going on.

    Seriously, it bugs me how much stuff they’re throwing at us without the least of introductions and giving a basic sense of what the hell is going on. I haven’t watched the previous Eureka Seven, so I’m really in the dark as to all the little references and leads. The 4-parter opening arc was pretty solid and established a lot of stuff. Suddenly going into this kind of pace this fast after such a well-constructed, non-jumbled arc is confusing.

    That said, Kagura should’ve been in the panel, lol.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      This episode was crazy, almost too ambitious, but we’ll just have to wait and see where it goes. But as much as it references some older stuff, there is so much new, that I think you’ll be fine once the story settles.

  4. fjdiaz100

    am i the only one that thought it was the devilfish and not the end?
    it had the same head idk tho its just my opinion…

    1. SQA

      The head is a little bit like the Devilfish, but:

      It’s theEND in white, as it was when it got destroyed in ep 48. It also explains the “child pilot” issue.

  5. SQA

    At some point, we’re going to need to keep the final line of each episode in mind. Listening to the Children of the Stars is an interesting line. I guess that means Ao + Naru?

  6. jonas

    Could Truth be the original (evolved) Nirvash type Zero?
    The Nirvash became a reality warping god at the end of the original series, and that would explain his interest in the mark one, Eureka and the Secrets.

  7. Taka

    I don’t think necessarily everything that happened in AO’s NTR dream was real. Naru did get kidnapped or something by Truth, but I think the actual vision AO had was just a dream or some shit. Mainly it would be the fact that Gazelle was on Okinawa when he was actually at Gen Blue HQ. It’s either a premonition or just a straight up hallucination.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      You can tell when the dream state starts when the screen goes grey, so maybe Gazelle was there? Lots of head games going on, it gets frustrating

  8. foshizzel

    Very very strange episode and Truth is so damn powerful! Honestly I don’t know how the humans can deal with him?! I mean that dude can walk in and wreck the area without lifting a finger, but then you had the whole “grey-dream-like-world” that Truth appeared in? I wonder if that is part of his power? And now Naru is with him? Nooooooooo!! Poor Ao T____T

    I didn’t have much to say about this episode so I skipped reviewing it and will just combine with episode 08 xD

    Oh ya Elena = Miller? Well she was caught singing with that mayor on Ao’s home island xD

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