Why Are You Here?(Get It Together)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 5

Eureka Seven AO Ao Pilot

[You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4]

Generation Bleu. What exactly are they? Why do they work independent of the governments to combat the Scub Coral and Secrets? As the Ao and the Triton return to Switzerland to the home of Generation Bleu, we get to see a little more of the operation and people who make Generation Bleu go. But what about Ao? Is this where he belongs, did he make the right choice?  This week, the series continues it’s moderate pace as we get to tag along as Ao get familiarized with his new life. Let’s see what interesting tidbits this week has to offer.

Eureka Seven AO Generation Bleu Headquarters

Generation Bleu has built a massive complex, as large as a small city, primarily from the material found inside the Scub Coral. Here, operations, maintenance, and other response team live, work, play, and rest. It really reminded me of a renovated version of FAC-51 the abandoned mine that Gekko state landed at in episode 16 in the original series. Especially with the reference to building it from material salvaged from the Scub Coral. IN FAC-51, there were parts and pieces of LFOs embedded into the cavern walls. And what better place to house a paramilitary “rescue” organization than the side of a mountain in the Alps?

As Ao works his way around the base, he encounters another team of pilots. Team Goldilocks are crew members of the ship Medon. All the pilots are middle school aged girls, much the same as Fleur and Elena. After seeing this, it made me wonder. Why does Generation Bleu only allow female pilots? And coincidently, around the same age as Eureka in the original series? Since we learned previously that all IFO’s derive from the Nirvash, and Eureka was it’s pilot 10 years ago, was this a result of that observation? Sadly, this reminds me of Infinite Stratos, where you have a lone male being injected into an elite fraternity of women pilots. Lastly, Goldilocks is a three girl team, while Pied Piper is only two. Was there a third member previously? Is Fleur attitude to Ao a result of something with a past team member?

Eureka Seven AO Team Goldilocks

Eureka Seven AO Ao Health Check

As with any military type organization, you get subjected to a physical your first day on the job. As the examination progresses, the lab tech has an interesting piece of information. The biological design behind Ao’s eyes are different from ours. He may be able to see wavelengths of light above and below the typical range a human a human can see.  Maybe a subtle reference to perception of not only the physical world, but the non-physical as well?

Eurka Seven AO Fleur Question to Ao

Tighten Up: To get your act together. As the episode title and the definition suggests, this episodes showcases many instances of Ao almost sleep walking through situations. The deer in headlights look, while true to how a kid would act, wont cut it as a member of Generation Bleu. There is a certain level of seriousness usually seen with soldiers, that Ao just doesn’t have. His go with the flow, passive attitude does not fit in with the rest of the crews out combating the Scub Coral. In two separate scenes, Fleur calls him out. She challenges him with a simple “What have you come here for”. Ao is at a crossroads in his life. He left Okinawa for two reasons; to help others by fighting the Secrets, and to find out what happened to his mother. It’s now or never to get it together and start chasing his goals.

And of course, what episode wouldn’t be complete without an anime reference from Elena

Eureka Seven AO Elena Contract


The Mark I in Gekko-go colors, and being christened as the Nirvash… now THAT’S fanservice.


13 thoughts on “Why Are You Here?(Get It Together)-Eureka seveN AO Episode 5

  1. schneider Post author

    The framing of Char’s face is extra-creepy, even Misato noticed it!

    Good observation on the Pied Piper’s possible third member. I’d never have thought of it, and Fleur does become overbearing on Ao frequently.

    Any thoughts on the IFO nomenclature? Gloria, Credo, Requiem, Alleluiah and Kyrie. These are liturgical elements. OTOH, the teams seem to be named by fairy tales (Goldilocks, Pied Piper).

    1. zabilegacy

      Sections of a catholic requiem mass I think. I’m sadly not too good with music, and I don;t quite understand the point of naming each one like that. There could be a point to it, but writers have a tendency to just throw on themed naming for stuff for no good reason. Could be either

    2. SQA

      I can’t say I have a lot of knowledge of Catholic Mass, so someone else will have to fill in detailed thoughts on them.

      But, one REALLY, REALLY important point from Eureka 7: characters are not named randomly. These names all have specific reasons behind them. They’ll be hints at what is going on, in some way. But the specific references won’t come out until later. Though I can we can guess who “Han Juno” is a reference to. 🙂 Or that Fleur Blanc is “White flower” in French.

      You can go along with a lot of these. Like, I wonder if the computer, named Georg, is a reference to Georg Cantor (a mathematician). Pretty much all of them will have a reference, it’s just finding it might not be worth the trouble, hehe.

      Oh, and the “main ship” names are Greek Mythology references. Triton & Medon.

    3. JoeAnimated Post author

      Maybe I’ll get the time to do some research on all three aspects and see if there is any correlation. Might make for a good post at the end. And you’re right, everything is named for a specific reason, just have to see what it is.

  2. franzferdinand93

    i got the feeling tht generation blu has an evil ulterior motive and that will see eureka and renton with gekko state tryin to stop them around the end of the show. but then again its just me, i just want them to make a cameo at least.

  3. Laziness

    Don’t make a contract – HE’S EVIILLL! References aside I appreciate how E.7 A.O. is giving us some realistic reactions and personalities. Ao’s lack of knowledge on how to act like a soldier is a perfectly normal reaction to the new environment, as is Fleur’s irritation(or is it just teenage drama?) at Ao who doesn’t have what is perceived as conviction. Go Bones go!

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      True, there seems to be some behavior traits grounded in some realistic behavior in this show. The pacing has been slow enough to let us see a lot of interesting things.

  4. megaroad1

    Generation Blue was actually a bigger outfit than I expected. It’s a bit of a change from the rogue counter-culture guys from Gekkostate we had in E7. On the other hand, I got a vague whiff of harem from this episode with all these young female pilots and the lone ‘ubermensch’ male Ao. I’m hoping that the director/writer didn’t give into the temptation of making it too big of part of the storyline.

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