I’d Do Anything for Drool–Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 5

Mysterious Girlfriend X Tan Urabe Headshot

[Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 4]

Beach Episodes. For me, there is no other episode so cliché in anime as a trip to the beach. It’s one of those things that just frustrates me. These thing typically end up in some sort of shenanigans, and I end up just rolling my eyes most of the time. So, when MGX decides to their beach episode, I had some mixed feelings. With this shows directing and pacing so far, would they be consistent, or would they succumb the moe beach paradigm, and put out a completely wasted episode? Will there be enough to write a full post about? Let’s find out!

So how does one go about asking Urabe to go to the beach? What is their motivation? As this episode starts off, We find that the girls are doing their PE swim, and the guys are playing soccer. By accidently kicking the ball past the goal, they can sneak a peak at the girls while they get their ball. Great stuff for some teenage boys. But as Tsubaki takes his turn, he manages to catch a brief glimpse of Urabe while swinging his foot, and completely misses the ball and his opportunity to see her in a bathing suit. As Tsubaki and Urabe head home for the day, they end up under a tree during a brief rain shower. Tsubaki notices a pleasant smell coming from Urabe. He goes ahead and asks her if she wears perfume. She tells him no, but she is sweaty, and proceeds to take a lick of her arm, and tells him that it reminds her of the sea. She offers a taste, and as he does, he catches a glimpse of Urabe in a bikini at the beach. Is it getting bad that these two will lick just about anything? I mean, even my dogs wont taste some things. And so, In a quick moment of brilliance, Tsubaki asks her to got the beach. And in a surprising turn of events (at least for Tsubaki) she agrees!

Mysterious Girlfriend X Tasting Urabe Sweat

So as these two meet up together to head to the beach, what is the first thing that Tsubaki notices? Urabe is sporting a decent tan. And, in no surprise, Tsubaki has a thing for tan girls. And we’re off to the beach! This is where most episodes would dive into a sunscreen application accident, or a swimsuit strap debacle. But I have to hand it to the director, he stay’s true to source, and keeps it all above-board. Does it make this episode any better as a filler? Not really. But for our main man, he does get a great view of Urabe in a bikini.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Black Bikini

Now, Urabe has been wearing a wrap around her waist since they got to the beach. Even as the two of them go swimming. Finally, Tsubaki gets caught staring at Urabe, wonder why she wont take it off. In a (should have been expected) turn of events, Urabe explains that when she was swimming in the ocean the previous week, she took her scissors with her. And now, she has a funny tan line, and uses the wrap to cover it up. This quick show and tell leaves Tsubaki with a nosebleed, and at a slight loss for words.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Scissor Tan

And the day at the beach is over. Was this a great episode? Not really. It was an early filler episode, before we get to see some real conflict in Urabe and Tsubaki’s relationship. We do see that any exchange of bodily fluids, like sweat,  will transfer the emotions, thoughts, or memories of the person. Be sure to watch the preview, as we get a hint of the upcoming conflict coming to their relationship!

9 thoughts on “I’d Do Anything for Drool–Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 5

  1. nichdel

    I disagree that this was a complete filler episode. The scissors tanline felt like a continuation of Urabe becoming more comfortable with Tsubaki. She also mentioned going to the beach next year as if it was a certainty, something that shows a certain level of comfort with the relationship. It wasn’t much of a plot episode, but there was still story development.

  2. Tzu

    Filler it may be but sometimes fillers are a necessary evil. Get into drama too fast or too heavy and you run the risk of falling into the abyss of dark drama (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien, True Tears and the much dreaded School Days are examples). That said I like slow paced romance so this episode was nice. Notice how almost every beach cliché was dodged, Urabe didn’t even ask if she looked good in a swimsuit. Isn’t it funny how the scissors and the lower swimsuit left a tan mark but the upper part didn’t at all? makes you wonder if Urabe went for a topless tan (that would explain the need for scissors as self defense)

  3. lvlln

    I think one of the main thrusts of this episode was Urabe’s openness in accepting Tsubaki’s thing for her tan lines. She doesn’t flinch of question it in any way, but accepts and supports it wholeheartedly. It’s building on what she told him at the end of episode 2, that he’s allowed to imagine about her in any way he wishes.

    That, and her desire to hide the scissors tan lines at the beach, only showing it to Tsubaki, shows that she does have a sense of what proper and what’s embarrassing and also trusts Akira much more than others.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Urabe’s character is such an enigma in comparison to most anime/magna females. That contrast is what in part makes this story so entertaining to watch and read. As the season reaches the half way mark, I’m interested to see what they’ll take from the manga to animate now that intro’s are over.

  4. Reid

    Hoh-leeeeeeee KRAPPU that chick has got a rockin’ body. If your woman has a scissors-shaped tan line but was otherwise tanned all over, you know she’s exactly the perfect kind of freak. IDEAL. Now that’s a keeper.


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