You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4

Eureka Seven AO Elena Peoples Smile

[Keep Hating Me (But I’ll Protect You Anyway) – Eureka 7 AO Episode 3]

So the opening arc comes to an end. You know I like my four episode opening structures. While this one isn’t as in your face as most shows, it does introduces us to a large scope of the world in which the show takes place. Through these last four episodes, we have encountered a range of people and politics, that at some point, will play into our protagonists decisions. And on that note, let’s look into what this week has brought us.

Eureka Seven AO Nirvash Alleluia

Origin of the IFOs

We begin this episode were we left off in the last, with Generation Bleu racing to fight the Secret, and Ao determined to do his part as well. As Ao races to combat, Ivica of GB decides to help Ao,and has Fleur intercept him before he gets himself killed. Fleur and Ivica bring Ao to his senses, and put a plan together to combat the Secret. As Ao takes off, he is “re-armed” by the Triton.  The dialog here is interesting; we learn that all IFO designs are derived from the Mark I/Nirvash. so in this timeline/world, the technology behind LFOs was lost or never developed. It just leads to more speculation about where all this fits in the E7 world.

You Can Mine the Scub Coral for Trapars

In Eureka Seven, as a result of the Scub Coral covering the planet, the atmosphere is permeated by an energy known as Transparence Light Particles, or Trapars. These trapars allow a sort of surfing on air, and movement much like a snowboarder would use. But in this world, we find that the scub coral are mined, and that their these energy is harvested for use in vehicles. Seeing as how this world is not densly packed with scub coral, you would think it would be impossible to ride the trapars without it. But it appears that by mining the essence of it, you can put that ability into vehicles. How this will play out should be interesting.

Eureka Seven AO Trapar Mine

In the End, Decisions Have to be Made

When all is said and done, Ao has to make a choice. For the last few days, he has seen almost every political and emotional side to the arrival of the Scub Coral. There are people who will hate you, love you, and want to use you. As a kid in junior high, this has got to be a lot of weight to carry. Generation Bleu makes it’s decision to bring Ao into the team. With a little help from Ivica and Noah, Ao decides that joining them is the right choice. With a tearful goodbye from Naru, Ao is on his way, and now we can get to the meat of the story.

Eureka Seven AO Ivica Ao Naru Decision

More References and Foreshadowing

This week brought us a couple of tidbits that fans were sure to enjoy. The first occurred during Ao’s trip to the City. Here, encounters a Woodstock like protest, complete with music and pamphlets. But if you look closely at the backdrop to the band, you’ll see a great reference to the Gekko State. Would this be our alternate world rebels ready to throw off the tyranny of the man?

Eureka Seven Ao Band Logo Gekko State

Then in the opening, we see a slight change, where they put a shadowy image of Eureka in the foreground. As we progress to the end of the story, we see Ao’s desire to chase after his mother and find her, to be reunited and understand why she left so long ago.

Eureka Seven AO Eureka Moon Light

And of course, we all know who the real star of the show is:

Eureka Seven AO Noah Smile


Man, this show is made of goodness. It clearly makes a distinction between “pilot who manages to eliminate alien sentient monsters” and “ace pilots.” Ao is the former, and is otherwise clearly a n00b who can’t possibly survive actual dogfights. Perfection.


19 thoughts on “You Want a Piece of Me? – Eureka seveN AO Episode 4

  1. Laziness

    Why must the MPC slider move so quickly? It felt like an instant and then it ended. Anyways, I’m continuing to be more and more impressed with A.O with each additional episode. It’s not everyday where a main character in a modern mecha anime doesn’t start out as a genius ace or pilots an overpowered suit. I’m really liking the voice actors/actresses Ao and the rest of the crew – I guess the choice to bring in actual teens to voice teen characters was the right decision.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      This definitely has a good production quality; music, art style, VAs. But now I’m interested in how they are going to tie everything together.

  2. Shining_Bard

    Either the first animated Eureka’s wings relapsed back into her arm, or this is the movie’s Eureka. Gah, the mindscrew!

  3. SQA

    The most likely scenario is that this is TV series Scub Coral and copies of TV Series Eureka & Renton. (Eureka in the OP is framed out of quality to the rest of the OP, they’re masking the fact they’ll add 1 more person/object to the image)

    This should be an alt-world sequel. The end of Eureka 7 TV specifically mentioned sending 1/2 of the Scub Coral to another world. (Which suggests AO is set 80-100 years after the TV Series) I rewatched the entire TV Series this week, partially to see if I could figure out the tie-ins. That, at the moment, is the most likely scenario. But, it’s still technically possible it’s Movie Eureka, haha. But that’s unlikely, at this point. I don’t think the Director wants to get assaulted by fans still pissed over the Movie. (The Movie was good, but you had to accept they were alt-world characters)

    Oh, and do remember, the title of the TV Series was “Psalm of Planets – Eureka 7”. So the alt-world stuff has been in since TV Series ep 1.

    The episode itself was really good. It makes for an interesting world. Trapars aren’t plentiful except around Scub Coral or that’s mined. Which is why Ao and our Buddy Trio have FP cars and can use them. There’s lots of it around Okinawa. Thus, plenty to practice on. Same reason surfers normally come from Hawaii and California, there are waves there.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      yeah, I found the trapar angle interesting. The fact that it’s mined, and leveraged for aerial flight is interesting. And did you notice Generation Bleu extracting the ‘heart’ of the scub coral bloom on land?

  4. Tzu

    Somehow I felt Naru agreed too easily to be left behind, her care for Ao is evident since she has not once minded her dad’s opinion and even left with generation bleu to see him. It felt that somehow they would have agreed to take her if she asked, she must be really aware of her sickness. Ao’s choice was really good as well, he did not blindly jumped in with generation bleu, it felt as if he really thought of it.

    As for this week’s speculation… I give up… Just what exactly are the trapars in this world? You know, you cannot really mine light (as in Transparence Light Particles). If such an important concept is changed they the chances this is the same world as E7 will turn to nil.

    1. SQA

      With her lungs as bad as they are, Orbital Ascent would probably kill her. Let’s not gloss over that issue. She might have given up too easily, but it’s a little more than a minor quibble why she wouldn’t follow.

  5. JoeAnimated Post author

    Yeah, I think Naru giving up will end up with her secretly chasing Ao, but you never know. As for speculation, it is what it is. Now they can start filling us in on the details.

  6. megaroad1

    Nice ep. Mecha action is great and I’m enjoying the politics of this show a lot. And ‘trapar hippies’ listening to electronic music make their return in some form which is something I enjoyed from E7. To top it off Ao is a likeable protagonist. All’s good.

    Isn’t it just possible that THIS is the real world and Eureka Seven is going to be retconned to be the alternate reality? Just saying.

    1. zetatrain

      The thing about the Japanese is that they really don’t have the equivalent of canon, Its like with the Zeta gundam movie and the TV series; neither one is considered to be above the other.

    2. SQA

      We’re pretty much at a minimum of 3 alt-worlds inside the Eureka 7 canon. So, you can guess what you want.

      However, this world is so far the closest adaptation of the “real world” they’ve used. That’s the point of the Gundam & NGE references. Eureka dropped into the ocean in 2010/2011 and their tech is roughly what would have happened if Trapars were found around 2000.

  7. zabilegacy

    This show lacks creativity and innovation. I have yet to find one thing that this show does which has never been done before. In that regard it’s worthless. There is no ambition here. No soul. No love. This is not a fitting sequel to Eureka Seven. It stands on the teetering edge of being dropped

    1. ghostlightning Post author

      Too much.

      I’ve read your complaints and find them uninteresting, but your persistence and hyperbole caught my attention. Worthless, you say? I’m fine with your believing that, but it seems to me that you want us to believe that as well. Am I wrong?

      The thing is, AO, and robot anime in particular, is beloved (especially here, of all places) for remembering love for the traditions of robot anime. Innovation and novelty for their own sake is not as important. Macross Frontier, Gundam Unicorn, Gundam AGE, Mazinkaiser SKL… all are sequels (direct or otherwise) that don’t really innovate, but just present the beloved material in an updated way, with contemporary production values, and executed with less of the things we have to forgive older productions for.

      These shows are all amazing, and of good value. Eureka 7 Astral Ocean is well on its way to being among such shows. Every week it’s been interesting, and entertaining. I’d blog it myself if my personal bandwidth weren’t so stretched. Good thing Joe does a good job and lets me contribute in my own fashion.

      Now you don’t have to reply with your obvious disagreement. I’ve already read your position on this show every week. Go ahead and drop it.

      1. zabilegacy

        Actually the reasoning as to why i keep talking about is an interesting question. Why do I keep talking about something if I hate it. Maybe you are right and that I want to spread my hate for it? That could be a possibility.

        I think what it might be is me wrestling with my own feelings on the show though. Maybe I keep commenting because part of me desperately wants to love the show for looking rather similar to something I love? Maybe it’s a way of assuring my own inner critic that I am not inclined to like things that the literary student in me knows is bad? It could also be my way of airing out disappointment at the quality of the show in general. All in all though, my self-analysis is that it’s my way of dealing with the idea of the show.

        I don’t know. You are right in that I disagree with the idea that this remembers love for Eureka Seven the same way that something like Unicorn does. I won’t argue the point, because clearly I’ve been getting on your nerves. I guess what I’m trying to say is sorry for pestering you with my own negativity. I hope that if anything, maybe at least I brought up a thought provoking point or two.

        Next time you see me post it will be for better reason. I like that Mysterious Girlfriend X show. Maybe I should talk about that….

        1. ghostlightning Post author

          Criticism is fine, but previous comment when you said the show is worthless is something I take issue with. You’re welcome to think aloud as you claim you do here, but I am a lit major as well and I’ve taught it as a subject at my alma mater very long ago. I have sympathies with what you’re feeling but I don’t share your complaints.

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