Should Ghostlightning Blog AKB0048?

So, after some comments came out on Monday, I thought it would good to get our readers engaged in our decisions on what to blog this season. Many times we pick shows that line up with we enjoy, but not necessarily what you want to see….

My question to you is:

Feel free to comment on why you think Ghostlighting should blog this anime.

17 thoughts on “Should Ghostlightning Blog AKB0048?

    1. Cratex

      I I voted ‘no’, then saw your comment. I suppose there might be some merit in blogging it just to make fun of it, if he had the time.

  1. soulassassin547

    I doubt the show’s gonna sit with his tastes, but if he wants to withstand the invasion, he better wait until the third episode and then try watching from that point.

    Also, trying to watch that show will need some serious homework, because idol fandom is very much different, along with its own language and customs, and an open-minded ear; AKB ain’t like Idolmaster.

  2. Matt Wells

    Never heard of it, and I’d rather Ghost spned his free time blogging shows he wants to see. Unless of course the show is so terrible his posts ripping into it are worth the time alone.

    1. Reid

      Hey, there you are! Did you get my email?

      But yeah, I’m totally with you. Ghost’s razor whit is sharper than most, ‘specially when his meanness is turned up to 11.

      1. Matt Wells

        OH FUCK ME… sorry buddy, it’s in my in-tray. I’ve been job hunting the past week while pulling nine to five work experience. Kind of taken my mind off the ball but that’s no excuse. I’ll get the game sent to you as quick as I can, you have my word on that this time.

  3. Tzu

    I think he should just keep doing a show he really loves, or a show he really hates. We readers come to this blog in particular because our tastes are similar to its bloggers, so don’t be afraid to keep just choosing randomly what you want.

    Now, in regards to the show in particular, seems like a plain voice actress promotion show just begging to be trolled… Nagisa’s VA seems pretty good thou. I saw the episode just to choose a proper answer to the poll mind you.

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  5. Xard

    if you’re capable of blogging what is one of this season’s most fetishistic shows despite what other dimensions might be present I’m sure you can blog a series that’ll probably be surprisingly warm growth story with good fun approach to setting and story, even if it comes with blatant AKB48 marketing and crass commercialism even by anime standards 😛

  6. JoeAnimated Post author

    Thanks everyone for playing along! This was just some dry humor on my part, brought on by a suggestion from a fellow blogger. You can go read Ghost’s impression of AKB0048 in the next post. Thanks!


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