My Drool is Your Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 4

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Say Ah

[Saving All My Drool For You – MGX Episode 3]

“and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one.”  Bible, Mark 10:8, New International Version (©1984)

There is an almost subtle message about the routine of the drool exchange. It comes to represent the act of sex. Penetration from one person to the next, with an exchange of fluid. An emotional connection that come with that act. The act resulting in an emotional and physical bond shared between the two. If you begin to look at things that way, than instead of being a conservative story about two kids working out their feelings for one another, then it’s actually a story about a girl and boy working out their sexuality with themselves, and others. Our two protagonists end up being in a promiscuous relationship, learning about sex and emotions.

The directing of this story has really brought out and focused certain themes in this story.  The camera focus and off character cut scenes work to enhance a particular set of images. While most of these images are set around the liquid reference of the drool, there is also a focus on the act of the drool exchange. The drool is much more than unhygienic habit between two teenagers. It represents an emotional exchange and bond between the two individuals. The physical act is much like sex; a penetration of one individual by another, with an deposit of fluids. It’s hard not to see that the physical and emotional characteristics of this exchange as being anything less than equating to sex.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Mouth Food Exchange Dream

But this sex is not monogamous. Early in the story, we see a rival for Urabe’s attention. Rather than turn him a way, she decides to test her physical and emotional compatibility with him. She gets herself ready, changes her routine to do something different with this suitor. They “have sex”, but because there is no emotion in the act, she returns to Tsubaki. In the context of sex, this could be seen as an act of cheating by Urabe. She ‘slept’ with another man while in an existing relationship.

And now, another has become curious about Urabe. But this time, it’s not a man. Oka, a short, glasses wearing girl in the same class, secretly saw the routine between Urabe and Tsubaki. Not knowing who to approach, she decides to approach Urabe. She begins a courtship with Urabe; bringing her lunch, helping her when she’s injured. This leads to not one, but two exchanges. In the  first, the exchange just happens by accident, but they realize there is an emotional connection. In the second, Oka purposefully corners Urabe with the intent to exchange drool. And in the end, a third is added into the Urabe-Tsubaki relationship.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Oka Drool Finger

But is all this fair to Tsubaki? I can understand that a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship isn’t a marriage. But no matter where you’re at, you don’t do things that may compromise that relationship. I can see how this would be considered cheating when taken on a more symbolic level. Tsubaki has a normal view on relationships, and not only is she an opposite, she trounces on it. What is going to happen if another girl approaches Tsubaki and he decides to test their bond? Will the panty scissors tear him to shreds? We’re only four episodes in, and this show has the implicit drama sexual tension of an HBO special.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Panty Scissors

13 thoughts on “My Drool is Your Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 4

  1. animekritik

    So once again Urabe acts like the cool, rugged dude who does what he does at the spur of the moment, whereas Tsubaki is left fretting and hoping “her dude” won’t run off with the latest rival. Urabe really seems to be beyond notions of good and evil when it comes to fidelity or infidelity. I guess Tsubaki has to learn to deal with it..

      1. Reid

        Now I’ll relate this little bit
        That happens more than I’d like to admit
        Late at night she knocks on my door
        She’s drunk again and looking to score
        Oh I know I should say no but
        It’s kind of hard when she’s ready to go
        I may be dumb, but I’m not a dweeb
        I’m just a sucker with no self esteem

        When she’s saying, oh, that she wants only me
        Then I wonder why she sleeps with my friends
        When she’s saying, oh, that I’m like a disease
        Then I wonder how much more I can spend
        Well I guess I should stick up for myself
        But I really think it’s better this way
        The more you suffer
        The more it shows you really care

  2. Tzu

    Cheating or not cheating… this comment thread will be awesome. I’m not yet convinced that the exchange of droll counts as cheating, even if it is the exchange of inner fluids and emotions.

    Urabe herself does not think of it as cheating, she in fact rejects Oka’s proposal of friendship saying she only needs one special person in her life. So, in Urabe’s world exchanging droll is just a normal act of communication, and the link they share is something greater. She did felt flustered when undressing in front of Tsubaki, suggesting undressing as something embarrassing; and also rejected the idea of kissing to save it for a more special occasion, suggesting that kissing is a level above the droll, which they can do anytime. Then, it comes Tsubaki, he is told in last episode that she exchanged droll with another man and he does not seem jealous at all. We felt more jealous than him in fact. And in this episode he is happy Urabe made a friend.

    I do like the analogy of two kids exploring their sexuality, it fits really nice from our point of view, but does being promiscuous count as cheating even if nobody in the couple minds?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      What’s great about the way this is written is it so counter intuitive to to the standard anime/manga structure. Most moe shows would have did of indirect kiss syndrome by now. This show treats all of this as if it’s just ho-hum. More focus is spent worring about things like hand holding and actually kissing.

      I think the definition of cheating has to be common to both individuals. You’re right, regardless of what we think, if the partners both agree that what they are doing is not considered cheating in their relationship, is it still cheating? We may classify it as cheating, but they don’t.

      1. Tzu

        What we really need in the show is a confirmation from Tsubaki. If he comes and says out loud: “I don’t want you sharing your droll with anyone else!” then we can say he considers it special, I’m guessing he is just too confused right now, let’s give him more time.

        I believe it is incredible that in just 4 episodes we are already discussing their relationship to this level, next episode seems a bit different, I can’t wait to see what happens.

  3. Alterego 9

    I think, rather than being a direct metaphor for sex, that’s sharing *would be* cheating without FIRST clarifying that they are in an open relationship, it’s more like a general emotional bond.
    Most couples would agree that there is such a thing as “emotional cheating”, by having a romantic friendship with someone else.
    Most jealousity doesn’t originate from the fear that our significant other is bumping uglies with someone else (that’s just the worst symptom), but that someone ELSE is their most significant other. That’s why males have less tolerance for their girlfriends bonding with other men than with women, because they see it as more of a threat that it might be a step to the next level.
    In this series, sharing drool could be best compared to something like going out together on a date, or crying on someone’s shoulder. If it’s between sexually incompatible people, it doesn’t count.


    There was one later chapter, where sharing drool with someone else came up, and it WAS clearly played as cheating, because it was between Tsubaki and his old crush, and choosing to share drool would have symbolized choosing her instead of Urabe. The story is played in a suspenseful “will-they-or-won’t-they” question, and the fact that they ultimately don’t, comes as a relief.

    Later, on the other hand, Tsubaki does it with the Urabe imitator idol, and it’s played as no big deal. The act itself doesn’t mean anything, because he thinks it is Urabe, so there is no emotional cheating.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I’ve been trying to avoid as many manga spoilers as possible, not knowing how this show will flow and combine the different elements. So far, it’s been pretty good.

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  5. Alek

    The current chapters in the manga are bringing the actual emotional connection into light, in my opinion, and I am glad to see someone else who finds the exchange as a sexual metaphor as opposed to “some sick fetish” (which is general consensus, at least in Internet-land).

    However… there is some question as to whether or not it can be seen as sexual, as in the manga, Urabe and Oka keep up their connection, and it’s a way to talk to each other and such. On the other side of the sexes, we have Tsubaki and Ueno always talking about things. This portrayal changes the context of Oka and Urabe’s connections, leaving the whole event open to deeper interpretation.

    Please note, I need to re-read the manga to get my bearings again, as over the span of time since I discovered it and caught up, monthly releases keep details fuzzy.
    Thank you for your interesting reading. I hope to come back in a week (after catching up of course ;).

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I’ve been following the manga for some time, so it’s been hard to separate myself from that when I watch the anime, and to not give out a ton of spoilers week to week. Re reading the manga from the beginning might be a good exercise to see how things compare, and remember where things are going.


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