Anime Talk Episode 4

This week, we had special guests:

Foshizzle from Metanorn
Lvlln from Metanorn
Akira from Moe Fundamentalism

1 thought on “Anime Talk Episode 4

  1. Numbers and Space

    Just a little bit more feedback that wouldn’t fit on twitter.

    You introduce your guests and end with something like “our first guest is X, you can find him on Y and his twitter is @ABC. Go ahead and say hi.” I think something like “introduce yourself to our listeners” works a lot better. It’s much more engaging, makes room for a little small talk and flows a lot smoother. You, as the host, can still call out their twitters afterwards, if they missed it.

    You prepared some good cards that state all the information about your guest (blog, twitter handle). You can also put those next or below their icon. I happen to know who these people are, but if I don’t I might forget and I don’t want to rewind to see that again.

    At the end, you should repeat that information again. You’re doing a good job talking about the show itself. But this is also where we can credit guests in the best way possible. Say I listen to the show, and we’re going to assume audio-only here, and at the end I think “wow that Foshizzel guy was great, where can I find him!?” You’re saying goodbye to the listener and if possible you’d like to give the listener something he can continue his internet journey with.

    Here’s a good example on a good opening, starting from 1:48 until about 3:10:

    Introduces himself, the guests, makes some small talk. Very clean, very fluid. Of course, years of experience help but we too can take something from that.

    Just like in a presentation, the opening and ending are extremely important. I want you to think about these things, and I know you do. I hope this was useful and good luck with upcoming talks. 🙂


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