Keep Hating Me (But I’ll Protect You Anyway) – Eureka 7 AO Episode 3

Eureak Seven AO Ao in Cockpit

“…Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” Yoda

Rumor, misinformation, lack of understanding. This can lead to a paranoia and fear. Fear can lead to anger because people who are prejudiced  are typically afraid of people that they don’t understand, and it can change into anger towards their prejudice. Their anger changes into hate. That hate leads to suffering because of cruelty, violence, or disdainful attitudes toward the focus of their prejudice. And in this episode of Eureka AO, we finally see how the fear propagated by a few lead to an island full of hate.

Eureka Seven AO Ao Captured

In this episode, we gain a better understanding of the events that brought Ao’s mother to the island, and the people involved with finding her. Ao’s mother falls from the sky in clear and lands in the ocean front of Naru’s father. He pulls her from the sea, and is revived by Dr. Fukai. Soon after, she has Ao, and the island’s first scub coral burst soon follows. When Ao’s mother is taken from the island, the scub coral disappears, and the islanders assume that she was directly responsible in the beginning for the burst. This leads to rumors, which lead to misinformation, fear, and eventually a hate towards AO. But what isn’t widely spread are the details of  the island selling the scub coral it to foreigners in exchange for a semi independence and autonomy, in a deal that ends poorly for the island.

Eureka Seven Ao Gazelle Speech

This show is really playing up the prejudices and hatred of the middle aged generation of islanders. The contrast between them, and the younger generations below them, adds another layer to the social and political hierarchy in this show. You have; an older generation, that tried to leverage Ao’s mother (can I just say Eureka finally?) and the scub coral to gain independence, their kids who saw the mistakes of their parents and the hatred spread by them and are looking for a different path, and you have Ao and Naru who simply love the island for what it is and will do what it takes to save it. How all this plays out, is yet to be seen.

Eureka Seven AO Fleur IFO

What this show has done a great job of doing is establishing that the military complex is a bunch of bumbling baboons. Unless someone gets in their face to explain the basic facts, they will walk right into a death trap with their swords held high. But honestly, in anime, the government and military establishments be morons is pretty much status quo. It’s always the rogue element, or the private contractor, like Generation Bleu, that saves the day. And you see it again here, as GB keeps the military our of trouble, and begins the attack against the G-Monster/Secret with superior weapons and tactics.

The fan boy in me did enjoy finally seeing a clear picture of Eureka. But what events lead her to fall from the sky? Why does she have brown hair? Curse you Bones for taking what I know of Eureka and making me wonder what is going on!

Eureka Seven AO Eureka Brown Hair


IFOs in action… the Kyrie was amazing and lovely, like a cute version of Macross’ Destroid/Konig Monster. I find it interesting how if Holland were here, he wouldn’t be able to pilot… then again his machine was an LFO… I’ll have to wait to find out what the distinctions are.

These guys make me emotional.


32 thoughts on “Keep Hating Me (But I’ll Protect You Anyway) – Eureka 7 AO Episode 3

  1. rougeXninja

    i think the reason we dont really see a connection to the original is because of the ova. eureka 7 “new order” its pretty much footage of the old eps with new dialogue. from what i understood it changed the storty and ending a bit.
    and yea every time i see eureka i get a bit happy i get the same heart warming feelin i feet back then.
    oh and she has brown hair because she dyed it in ep 1 or 2 remember?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I’m not sure if she dye’s it, but it was obviously a split between two colors. But what if her hair color is related to the Nirvash and Scub Coral. Just like how Ao’s color changed the moment he began piloting, her color could have reverted without it.

  2. zetatrain

    ” Why does she have brown hair?”
    In episode two there was a flashback in which we saw Eureka dying her hair. She probably dyed it in order to not stand out.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I could believe that. It’s a good assumption. But if her hair color is related to the Nirvash and Scub Coral, it would explain things with Ao and his color change.

  3. sadakups

    The reason why Eureka had brown hair was shown in the previous episode. She had to hide her turquoise hair since she was being blamed for islands “tragedies”, like a disguise of sorts, although it wouldn’t make sense since the islanders already know who she is. Well, better that she had a different color else she’ll stand out easily like a walking target for the islanders’ ire.

    As to why she fell from the sky, I can’t say, but I remember that part in the first show where Eureka, Renton and the kids were transported from the original world to a world with sea, which was actually the Earth. That’s the only key I can mention although I’d rather let the show explain it.

    As to why only kids with weird hair colors can pilot IFO’s, I can’t help but think that they were going for a Fafner or an Evangelion approach.

    1. Myssa

      Actually, they were only transported to the “inner world”, the world hidden underneath all the Scub Coral. This one seems to be another one entirely, which makes the parallel world transfer/time travel theory more plausible.

    2. SQA

      The IFOs aren’t the LFOs. We’ll apparently see some LFO-style mechas next episode, as part of the normal military. The IFOs are apparently semi-aware or something, which is why only younger pilots can handle them. (As common as the cliche is, there’s actually some logic to it, from a neurodevelopment biology point of view. But we’ll not get into that.)

      This is either another retelling like the Movie OR this is 12k years before the original and Eureka time-traveled by some manner. Or its Aquarion style and it’s another 12k years in the future.

      I need to sit down and watch the OVA, which some subs hit a few hours ago. Maybe they’re taking an “alt-ending” concept and running with the result. Which there is an odd possibility this is actually a continuation of the Manga version of the first series, where Eureka actually dies. And apparently then goes to a separate/parallel dimension? Random guessing is fun!

    3. JoeAnimated Post author

      Her hair was brown after she landed on the island, but before the tragedy. There is a 3 year time gap there when Ao is born, and when that picture is taken. So she comes to the island with turquoise hair, he changes through some sort of action to brown, then reverts back during the incident.

      And like Myssa said, The scub coral created a shell around Earth that everyone lived on. When the scub coral ‘left’ at the end of the original series, the world was returned to something semi normal.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      No, the same things that bothered you before are still here. I would think that every comment and grudge you’ve had to this point is still valid. This episode does nothing for that. But I think the world building is done. Next week should start getting into the meat of things.

      1. zabilegacy

        I guess I should point out three things though.

        While I am entirely hateful of pied piper, I can;t actually say I dislike the leader person. The part where he ropes Ao’s location out of the soldier was legitimately entertaining, in the way it should be. I think that might be the first time I didn’t outright despise what was happening on screen in three episodes. The rest of the episode was crap enough to make up for it, though.

        There was more exposition this time around, but naturally it was unwieldy and downright bad at times. Flagrant violations of “show don’t tell” were all over the place. And the excuses and framing behind the exposition were paradoxical to say the least.

        I was wrong about the pied piper ugly box ships. They do indeed transform…..into even uglier robots. Seriously, how could the mecha designer never have heard of color contrast? When you make a highly detailed robot, and then make it’s only colors black and grey/dark navy/dark crimson, you can’t see anything besides a blob of color. Remember the original nirvash? Furthermore they continue to fight things that look like they should be used by master control in the original tron. Just awful.

        Besides that? Par for course

        1. JoeAnimated Post author

          yeah, the color contrast is a little off. The mecha designs are not as complex, or flashy (yet). And the weaponry to this point has been pretty basic. As for the leader of Gen Bleu, it seems like he may be the most interesting character of the bunch. Although I did chuckle when his second took the microphone to start some karaoke.

  4. squaresphere

    … ok these “Secrets” really are heterodynes! They grow from a central core and seem to be attracted to each other. Should they meet… DISASTER! In the Dai-Guard universe they would GATAI for more monster destruction. Honestly at this point, I’m fascinated by Generation Blue/Piped Piper. Not only are they g-monster removal team, they seem to also have some pop culture media as well in the fact they have a show about them! Marketing folks, good way to handle PR AND make money on the fact the pilots are kids.

    Can’t wait till me find out what happens to former pilots that grow up. DieBuster touched on this and honestly it was tragic in certain cases.

    Also, even though we haven’t seen them, the contract negotiation team seem top notch when you consider that they had to draft a contract (probably from a boiler plate, ie template) and convince the government to sign it. Their turn around seems to be within hours, which is commendable when you consider time is a HUGE factor in getting action approval. Wonder how much they charge though. Obviously, you want to make money but if you gouge… well honestly it doesn’t matter what the reputation impact is (unless Gen Blu has competitors) but the fact if you bleed a government dry and they can’t pay IS the driving factor.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Good point on age being a factor in being a pilot. It seems like mecha shows are built around this idea that kids are the best pilots. It’s almost a cliche at this point. In the original Eureka, anyone could pilot, but its only kids that flew the Nirvash and End.

  5. Tzu

    I think we can safely begin calling Ao’s mother Eureka, since she finally talked we can look in the credits that her name is Eureka and her voice actress is the same (even if she is not the Eureka we are thinking of). As of how Ao’s world relates to eureka seven’s that still remains a mystery. I’m also curious about how many years later we actually are from the previous series, judging by Ao’s and Eureka’s age it would seem like around 20, but judging by how different the world is it may be a lot more.
    Spoilers for the previews eureka seven:
    If my memory serves right, the world in the last series ended been split into two by nirvash; half of humanity and half of scub corals went to another dimension and half were left. Also nirvash turned into a scub-coral-command-center-thing so about how she came back is another mystery. Chances are this series is setup in one of the two worlds (that or it has mayor plotholes we are looking too much into), most likely with the humans that were left behind since that world had the continents as we know them here (inside a massive amount of coral btw). But there are way too many things that don’t match, perhaps we won’t be able to look at this a a direct sequel as we thought?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      yeah, I’m almost to the point of abandoning this as being a direct sequel. To many differences to make up for if it’s not. Even if it isn’t a direct sequel, it’ll still be (hopefully) fun to watch.

    2. SQA

      At best, this is a sequel to the movie. Remember, the movie is, technically, in “canon”, in and of the fact they see the parallel world. So, this isn’t a direct sequel from the TV series. Or, at least, not in the way you might expect. Though I, still, would assume that some version of Renton is Ao’s father. (And it seems like there might be space for Renton next to Eureka in the OP)

      A Prequel is still possible, actually, which could explain why a lot of things are similar. The Scub Coral made a copy of “this” Eureka, when they tried to get to know humans again in 12k years. If that’s true, maybe we should be looking for Sakuya & Gonzy. Wouldn’t that be a trip if actually Ao becomes Gonzy?

      But, if this is the prequel, it would mean this group of people will “lose” to the Scub Coral but not the G-monsters and eventually leave Earth. And if they said it was a Prequel, we’d all know that was happening. But calling it a sequel makes us miss this. Though that would end up making Renton into being similar to Neo?

      Okay, going to stop there. Going to hurt myself thinking in too many circles.

      1. Tzu

        Your prequel theory plays out nicely. It could still be called a sequel which tells a story about the past. Also, this would have an EPIC ending if that was the case. If we try to fit the movie in the timeline, maybe Eureka/Renton are a Zelda/Link -like existance? Playing similar stories in diferent worlds with a really far-fetched relationship between them? I just wished they told us first, or at least give a clearer hint.

        Let’s just keep enjoying the ride for now since it has been a good series, even by itself.

  6. megaroad1

    I’ve stopped trying to work out if it’s a sequel, AU, retelling or whatifnot and instead just trying to enjoy the series for what it is. Things will sort themselves out hopefully. Plenty good episode BTW.

  7. SQA

    So, I started watching the first TV series again. It’s kind of amazing the things you notice on a rewatch. Early stage Renton is actually better a few years after. Mostly as 14 year old MCs have been getting progressively worse, so Renton actually is better at the beginning. Though I’m about to get into the rough part, so that’ll be interesting.

    The other thing is that Eureka 7 is very, very slow on the World Plot, even if it drives everything. But the background is deep and involved, along with the entire cast of characters on the Gekkostate. Ao is actually progressing a bit faster in it’s World Building and slower in its opening story arc. Which is an interesting contrast.

    Oh, and when Ao was talking about “I can do this” in ep 2, it’s actually a repeat on something Renton said when he was trying to move a LFO to save Talho. Granted, I’m still not sure she really needed saving, but that’s another point.

    There’s also one narrative device used heavily in the TV series that I’d forgotten about, but it really helps the emotional connection. Renton is giving a running voice-over as a “letter” to his sister. Or, given the way the series goes, you could argue it’s actually part of a conversation they have later in the series. Either way, it’s one of those things that you tend to forget but it actually helps center you in the story. Plus, it helps establish how its Renton’s story.

    Lastly, over time, you forget how good some series are. Eureka 7 is still a great watch.

    1. SQA

      Finished my entire rewatch of Eureka 7 TV. Still really good.
      The Charles & Ray arc is still one of the best you’ll ever see in anime, period.
      After the rewatch, though, it’s pretty obvious how AO is the sequel.

      It’s set roughly 80 to 100 years after the TV series on an alternate world. At the end of ep 50, when the Scub Coral sends half of itself away, most of it goes to the “other world” they found 3k years before. (The event that created the Great Wall) It’s the reason the Scub Coral have a “quartz” in them when they appear. You can see those balls of green energy leaving Earth in ep 50.

      So, Ao is a parallel world, direct sequel. That doesn’t quite explain Eureka’s presence. We’ll find that out later, I’m sure. But, Mama Eureka isn’t TV series Eureka. She’s either a copy of the original, “this world’s” Eureka or maybe the version from the Movie. (If that wouldn’t cause one weird as all hell continuity question, I don’t know what would)

  8. Shining_Bard

    I’d like to think the ending will be Ao reuniting with Eureka and Renton, but I kind of doubt we’ll see something like that in this series. At least not without some downers.

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