You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To My Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 1

Mysterious Girlfriend X Urabe Drool Casual

With spring comes renewed energy. New love is often associated with spring. My wife and I met in April. And this spring anime season has brought with it three love stories. And by no means are they typical love; Zombies, Ghosts, Drool. Mysterious Girlfriend X is a story about the bond that forms between two people. There is a simple innocent love in this show that anime needs. And it starts with drool.

The Indirect Kiss. Where a glass, pop can, or similar object that has touched one’s lips is shared with someone of the opposite sex. An anime trope that continually lives on. But what is on that shared medium? Drool. Plain old saliva. The stuff that, when engaged in a passionate kiss, is shared between two people. An exchange is made not only in saliva, but in emotions. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Tsubaki

Tsubaki is just a normal high school kid. At least until a new transfer student joins the class. Urabe is a quiet girl, and with a few strange actions, alienates herself from the rest of the class. Tsubaki thinks nothing of her until one afternoon he finds her alone, sleeping at her desk when it’s time to go home. After quite a bit of urging, he manages to wake her up. The cute look on her face shocks him. And after she leaves, he looks down on her desk, and finds a small puddle of drool. Now, most common sense would tell you to move on, but what does he do? Curiosity has led people to do strange things.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Drool on Desk

The moment he tastes that drool, that “indirect kiss” has been made. These two have shared something. All Tsubaki can think is “It tastes sweet”. Isn’t that how love is when it starts out? Some sort of initial infatuation leads to a pleasant feeling. The idea that something about that person is appealing, and maybe I want more it. But for Tsubaki, what he doesn’t know is that he has unknowingly made a connection that he doesn’t know about. A few days later, he comes down with a cold. But, a visit from his Urabe clears things up. He is suffering from withdrawal, but with one quick swapping of drool, his love sickness is gone. He accuses her of giving him a chemical or or bacteria, that makes him addicted to her bacteria. After her laughter subsides, she explains that his body ached for more saliva from the girl he loves.

Mysterious Girlfriend X In Love With Urabe

Isn’t that how love should be? That initial infatuation should leave you wanting more. You should want to find out what it is that makes that other person so compelling on first glance. So this time, Urabe has healed his “love sickness” with a quick dose of drool, But what’s next? How does infatuation change into a relationship?  So the next day afterschool, who is waiting for him? Together, they take quiet walk. And when it’s time to go separate ways, he get’s his daily dose of drool. But this routine does only one thing for Tsubaki; it confirms that he does love her. The awkwardness of his confession comes with an initial reaction. And only after he gives up on his past infatuation does she accept his proposal. You can’t enter into a new relationship when bringing in the baggage of the old.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Daily Routine

Love is in the air. Sometimes, it just takes a stranger route than others.

Mysterious Girlfriend X Confession

21 thoughts on “You Might As Well Face It You’re Addicted To My Drool – Mysterious Girlfriend X Episode 1

  1. Cratex

    I wasn’t going to follow this show, but something prompted me to watch it this evening, and I’ve found it oddly facinating. “Strange” is a good word, but I suspect this show will need something stronger to describe it before it is over 😉

  2. MarigoldRan

    This is unrealistic. Old drool does NOT taste good. Especially if it’s someone else’s.

    Drool tends to smell like rotting meat due to the proteins and half-digested carbs in it.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      LOL. The fact that it tastes good is something they talk about throughout the manga. I’m trying not to spoil anything, but it’s a concept that plays out throughout the manga.

  3. sadakups

    I don’t know man. Is drool the new moe or something like that? Because if it is, I’m not buying it. I know some actually have a drool fetish, but I saw the first episode and seeing that kid taste somebody else’s drool – that was fucking disgusting. Nobody in their right mind is going to do shit like that.

    Now, unless I can get over that sick premise, I just might follow this. I just had to ask though: Is there gold behind the droolfest?

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      Yes, the drool becomes more that just a taste fetish. I so want to say more, but I don’t want to ruin the experience that you might have seeing it play out. All I can say is stick with it, it may move slow, may seem gross, but it will be fun to watch in the end.

    2. ToastCrust

      I’d say it’s not moe. The fact that it’s gross seems purposeful. This isn’t something that should be naturally enticing a proposition to a watcher, because the baseline seems to be that this is something special shared by the two: not some primal, marketed quirk.

  4. Tzu

    Yeah, reading about this show just makes it sound really weird, I mean, the whole argument is really really weird not just the droll thing. However, the show is really well made, it seems so realistic and for once I found the generic male lead to be someone you could actually meet one day.

    What this show shares with the other shows in the season, is that the relationships are progressing quite fast. Both in nazo kanojo and in the amnesia thing the lead’s relationship is by episode 1 already way more advanced than in the vast majority of anime by the end. Not only in this shows, but in accel world and in sankarea it seems to be moving towards serious in a short time.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      The show is well made, with the classic drawing style, great VA for Urabe, and a male lead that is somewhat better than the typical.

      Tasogare decided to do the “lets start in the middle of things”, then backtrack later to how it all began. Interesting approach, but I found it kind of disjointed because if you’re new the story, the characters don’t make any sense. Sankarea and Kanojo both move quickly in their manga time lines, so they’re right were one would expect in their first episodes.

      Fetish love is in the air this spring!

  5. ZabiLegacy

    This sow is all sorts of WTF. When I first heard that the seikon no qwasar people were doing it, I was more then a little sad. SnQ has a manga that actually tries to do something with it’s bizare fetish material, and try to make a point. it gave it afirm connection to the idea of mary in the eastern orthodox tradition. But when the show was made, it was pretty much queen’s blade with a male lead. Long story short, this studio has always disapointed me in the past by just making random fetish fuel.

    This time, I am glad to say my worries were unfounded. Mysterious Girlfriend X kept what made it intiresting to someone who wants something other then to jack off. And for that, I can add it to the tons and tons of good shows airing this season. Is it better then Space Bros or Lupin the Third? Nah. But, despite how good alot of what should be crap is ending up, this thing is one of the top tier shows of the season.

    No wonder Spring 2012 is the Spring of Love.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I did not know the did SnQ. All I knew was that this director was also doing Space Bros, so that gave me some hope in the style. What they did do well was the goopy, icky, sticky animation of the drool. While it grosses the reader out, they characters think nothing of it. This season is full of great stuff. Both new, and continuations. It will definitely keep me busy.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      yes, there was constant reminders of liquid throughout: dripping water, the flower honey, etc. it really reinforced the symbolic nature of the drool.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I’ve heard of companies (and sitcoms) leveraging pheromones and their influence on people’s behavior, in attempt to make themselves appear more attractiveness, or ‘sexy’. I know that there is a perfume that my wife wears that smells great, and it’s a scent I will always associate with her.

  6. foshizzel

    Ahahah this episode was both nasty and lovely at the same time, but that level of detail on the drool was so damn gross! Every time they had one of those scenes I swear I was like STOP THAT! NOOO! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! Then again I was laughing more than anything…so will they ever stop doing that? or is that pretty much the gimmic of MGX? Then again I can’t see any reason why they would take it away xD

    This will be a fun series to follow or maybe we should plan to watch it together with the other sccsav? Oh the reactions will make everyone laugh! To bad Skype only supports two webcams lolol imagine if 10 had cams ahahaha that would kill me from all the laughter ❤

    Nice show even thou it might turn most off thanks to that slimy looking drool….

  7. JoeAnimated Post author

    The drool, and exchanging of drool, is central to the entire plot. That’s all you’ll get from me.

    A Sunday live watch with SCCSAV would be a blast. We could always do it on G+, it supports many cameras simultaneously. I’m game.

  8. Alek

    Not to ruin anything, but did anyone else find her line about his reaction being strange… peculiar in itself?


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