The Value of a Team – Outlaw Star 13-16


Every March we are reminded of how great teams can accomplish great things. College Basketball’s NCAA Tournament showcases the best players and teams across the United States. And just as there is in basketball, great teams in can accomplish great things as well. But what makes a great team?

The Leader

Every team needs leadership. Without leadership, there’s no focus, no direction. A strong leader drives the team forward when they want to stop. A strong leader defines the objective and sets goals.  Unfortunately, Gene, by nature, is not that. But as this show progresses, you begin to see him grow in his role. Ownership of a ship, protector of Melfina, the monetary needs of the business. He has to grow up if he’s going to succeed and keep his promises.

outlaw star Gene leader

The Brains

Every good operation needs mental muscle. Someone who can plan and organize. And in this futuristic setting, someone that can get the technology needed to keep the business going. Jim is that guy. For a (supposed) kid, his maturity level is that of a seasoned adult. Jim works hard to keep Starwind and Hawking Enterprises running, even if Gene is less than interested most of the time. But being the Brains has it’s weak point. When a fight gets physical, if the technology fails, they’re easily overcome in physical fight.

outlaw star jim brains

The Muscle

When the going gets tough, the strong muscle their way through. In hockey, one player is designated the enforcing. This enforcer’s purpose is to rough the other team to make way for the scorers and protect his teammates from harm. Fortunately, you have two on the Outlaw Star: Aisha and Suzuka. Although very different, both are deadly in the fighting form. As the Outlaw Star approaches they objective of reaching, their strength will be essential to pushing through.

outlaw start aisha suzuka

The Supporter

Not every member of a team has to stand out. Sometimes, all you need is someone that stand in the background, supporting the rest of the members. They specialize in making sure the little things are done. Melfina quietly does her role, shopping for groceries, making meals, and being there when someone needs to talk. She performs her role without complaint or grudge. And in so, makes things run smoother.

outlaw star melfina side glance

End the end, every team has it’s strengths and weakness. But great teams overcome them to succeed and win. As the height of March Madness roles through, great teams will come and go, with only one reaching the winner’s circle.

outlaw star lean on me

3 thoughts on “The Value of a Team – Outlaw Star 13-16

  1. Reid

    lol I dunno about that! Tropes are not cliches, after all. Tropes have staying power and help to enrich the experience of a given work of fiction, whereas cliches are those things that get played out. They’re proverbial “dead horses,” while tropes are more like…old friends.


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