Being Popular Isn’t Always a Good Thing – Outlaw Star 5-8

outlaw star front view

So you’ve just watched a friend die, stolen one of the most advanced ships in the galaxy, and managed to make an enemy of the Space Pirates. Not bad for your first trip in space since you were a kid. But what do you do next? If you thought staying under the radar was the best option, think again. As Gene begins to find out, his his new-found popularity leads to a whole new set of troubles.

Women will be the root of Gene’s issuesoutlaw star aisha close up
Outlaw Star Aisha ClanclanThe first to join the Gene fan club? Aisha Clanclan. In an earlier episode, Gene and Hilda rush through Aisha on their way to pick up the future Outlaw Star. This embarrassment forces Aisha’s military commanders to dump her off in disgrace. And to a Ctarl-Ctarl this disgrace cannot be left alone. Revenge is in order! But what what Aisha has in strength, she equally loses in brains. Gene outwits her, and leaves her on the Outlaw asteroid Blue Heaven. But this won’t be the last we see of her.

But they’ll also be his strengthoutlaw star twilight suzuka close up
outlaw star twilight suzukaWhen an assassin comes for a friend of Gene’s (more on that below), Gene gets caught in the middle, saving him and bringing the assassin’s wrath upon him. And not just any assassin. The (great) “Twilight” Suzuka. A wooden sword wielding, wind and air manipulating samurai assassin. At some point, you would think writers for this story would run out of ideas. But when you have plenty of 90’s ideas to run with, one more wont hurt. How does Gene defeat this sword wielding woman? By embarrassing her after unraveling her kimono and forcing her to cover up. Comical? Yes. On par for the show so far? Yes. And in typical anime fashion, enemies can even become comrades, as Suzuka joins the Outlaw Star crew.

…And not just Womenoutlaw star fed gene hug
outlaw star fed louWhen they leave Blue Heaven, Gene makes his way home in a freshly painted, newly registered, Outlaw Star. But a ship this new needs to be outfitted. And who best to help outfit a ship than a friend that deals in weapons. What could be so wrong in that?  Everything, at least to Jim. Fred Luo has a deep affection for Gene. With Fred’s sexual orientation being little short of out of the closet, they go looking to purchase weapons. Fortunately for Gene, he doesn’t have to return Fred’s affection for him. And after the incident with Suzuka, Gene and Fred become even “closer” friends.

Seriously, More Inept Pirates?outlaw star pirate fall
outlaw star pirate 1In an over the top anime, you come to expect dangerous, yet in the end, inept villains. How better than to solidify new friendships or demonstrate the newly outfitted ship. And these new pirates will fit the bill. Suzuka defeats two pirates, rescuing Melfina and protecting the ship. And, as soon as the Outlaw Star makes into space, Gene easily defeats 3 grapler ships on their way out. Not bad in a days work.

Another arc complete. Gene has outfitted his ship, gained a new crew member, and tested out his new ship. Outlaw Star is up to steam and ready to get into the heart of the story.

16 thoughts on “Being Popular Isn’t Always a Good Thing – Outlaw Star 5-8

  1. kadian1364

    I forgot how much fun these episodes are, one after the other. There aren’t many wasted moments, and the action just doesn’t let up. In my advanced age and experience, I can now appreciate how well put together it is.

  2. Nazarielle

    Ah, the Twilight Suzuka theme, quite awesome. I might have need to break out the DVDs and watch this series again.

  3. Reid

    I think my favorite thing about this show, other than the character design, was the righteous grabby hands on the Outlaw. A spaceship that totes a handgun and a hatchet it A-Ok, by my reckoning. That too some real guts on the part of the mechanical designer, if you ask me.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      It’s that kind of stuff that made this show great. They threw everything they had at it. When arm’s weren’t enough, lets give them a hatchet and gun. If you’re going big, go all the way.

      1. Reid

        It’s been forever since I’ve seen Outlaw Star, so forgive me if this question is a little obvious: is there any in-universe explanation given for why the grappler ships have hands and all that? I mean, we out here in the real world know it’s because it’s freakin’ awesome, but do any characters ever say why spaceships need to have handguns? Thanks for the help.

          1. Reid

            Ah, the universal real robot explanation. Thanks, man. Keep up the good work with the blogging! Maybe one day soon you will shame me into having a go at it.

  4. avvesione

    Reading this really makes me want to watch Outlaw Star all over again. Like, really bad. So many fond memories, so many fun moments. I think I might just do it when I find some free time in my schedule.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      I watching this for the 3rd or so time with a group of friends. It’s been great to hear the first timers experience it. Definitely a show that keeps on giving.

  5. TWWK

    Ah, it’s been so long since I’ve seen Outlaw Star! There’s a time when everything old becomes new again, and when I appreciate things I didn’t appreciate at the time. When I first saw Outlaw Star on Toonami’s late night block (I think this was pre-Adult Swim…), I enjoyed it, but in the back of my mind thought that it wasn’t really that great of a series. Now, I think I appreciate it a whole lot more.

    I’ve gotta say, though – the Toonami promos (“Mad Rhetoric,” in particular –> involving Outlaw Star were maybe better than the show itself.

    1. JoeAnimated Post author

      My first time watching OS was on Toonami’s Midnight Run (the predecessor to Adult Swim). And Toonami’s promos were the best. It was a sad day when Toonami left Cartoon Network.

  6. donkangoljones Post author

    Ah! Memories! You’d expect someone like Gene to be a sexist, chauvinistic womanizer, but in honestly his crew speaks to his character. For female characters, they’re the cream of the crop. And ironically, they’re almost all more dangerous than him. I’m tempted to add Fred to his list of “feminine admirers”.

  7. JoeAnimated Post author

    Well, Fred does have a thing for men, especially Gene. But the women of this show are different in a good sort of way. For the most part, strong, independent. And although Melfina is the quiet one, I don’t consider her weak.


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